Live the Question/Live the Answer

Many people believe that  the tarot can answer any question, big or small (true, in a qualified way), and that the mere act of asking will deliver an unconditional  solution to their problem,  gift-wrapped and duty-free, into their anxiously waiting hands (less certain in many cases). They take the old "instant food" promise to heart … Continue reading Live the Question/Live the Answer

The “Better Mousetrap” Disorder

Human beings (and to some extent their simian cousins) are afflicted with a malady that is unique in the animal kingdom: intellectual curiosity. Most creatures operate at the level of survival instinct, with "fight-or-flight" the main theme of their decision-making and mating, eating or self-defense their chief preoccupation at various times. (Come to think of … Continue reading The “Better Mousetrap” Disorder