Elemental Dignity Permutations by Suit

In the Liber Theta discussion of Elemental Dignities, Jim Eshelman uses the term "permutations" for the three-card combinations that can be made with cards of elementally  friendly, unfriendly and neutral nature. Although I diverge in my view of the "neutral and supportive" category, instead considering those cards to be "complementary opposites" - one suit provides … Continue reading Elemental Dignity Permutations by Suit

The “Up Close and Personal” 5×5 Tableau

This is a Lenormand version of the 5x5 spread I created for use with the Voyager Tarot; I stripped out the tarot annotation and plugged in Andy Boroveshengra's "near/far" designations, as well as adopting suitable color coding for rows, columns, diagonals and knighting locations. Note that every card in this spread can be linked to … Continue reading The “Up Close and Personal” 5×5 Tableau

The “Us and Them” Relationship Spread

This spread brings together the simple three-card "you + me = us" relationship spread with the idea that external relationships on either side can have a major say in how the affected partner behaves . The outside influences can be anyone from a relative to a mentor, boss, friend or third-party love interest. This is … Continue reading The “Us and Them” Relationship Spread