The Funnel and the Hourglass

As a visual artist of the graphic persuasion, I'm constantly looking for patterns in card layouts. The Lenormand Grand Tableau is particularly ripe for this pursuit. I've already posted about "ripples on the pond" (concentric circles of cards surrounding the various topic cards that overlap, either reinforcing or cancelling one another); "knighting arrays" (block patterns … Continue reading The Funnel and the Hourglass

Where Is Tyler? – A Missing Person Reading

A young sailor has gone missing from Groton, CT after having left home on his Honda motorcycle last Tuesday. Although I haven't been getting much satisfaction out of doing my missing-person spreads for current cases because there is often no public feedback when the individual is found, I decided to keep doing them. In … Continue reading Where Is Tyler? – A Missing Person Reading

Trumps and Mirrors

In my previous post on the subject of astrological "mirrors" for all 78 cards of the tarot, I mentioned that the proper classification of the seven planetary and three elemental trump cards for this purpose would have wait for another day. Today is that day. In thinking more deeply about this subject, I realized … Continue reading Trumps and Mirrors