Psychometric Example Reading: A Testosterone Reaction

As a follow-up to my Psychometric Card Selection post, I pulled a five-card line using the intuitive "psychic sensitivity" technique to look at an ongoing situation involving neighborhood dissension. I used the RWS Centennial pocket edition with reversals. The circumstances entail the continued development of new homes in the area and their negative impact on … Continue reading Psychometric Example Reading: A Testosterone Reaction

Trumps As Situational “Wallpaper”

This is a follow-up to my observation that, rather than foretelling inevitable events of a life-altering nature, the trump cards most often serve as profound "background themes" or big-picture "stage-setters" for the minor-card actors, much like a theater backdrop. They invoke a climate that is ripe for certain occurrences, but the querent must still command … Continue reading Trumps As Situational “Wallpaper”

Crowley’s Emotional Roller-Coaster

The Minor Arcana of the Thoth Tarot all have "esoteric" titles that for the most part hark back to their Golden Dawn roots. While these titles have academic connections to the Order's tarot curriculum or to Crowley's Thelemic elaborations, they often invoke visceral reactions in the viewer due to their evocative imagery and compelling color … Continue reading Crowley’s Emotional Roller-Coaster

More Thoughts on the Trump Cards

Not long ago I posted a detailed essay on how I think the Major Arcana (aka "trump" cards) operate in divination. Since that time I've had occasion to further consider their significance in readings that explore situational developments where external factors are likely to play a part. As before, I seldom see them as … Continue reading More Thoughts on the Trump Cards

Chickens, Eggs, Carts and Horses

I just had an interesting but perplexing conversion on one of the Facebook tarot pages regarding the provenance of the tarot material associated with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. There is apparently a widespread popular opinion that "Liber T," a compilation of the Order's tarot "knowledge papers," was actually written after Aleister Crowley's … Continue reading Chickens, Eggs, Carts and Horses