A Tarot de Marseille Process Analysis

As I gain experience with it, I find that divination with the Tarot de Marseille (TdM) is best suited for providing a literal perspective (as with the Lenormand cards) rather than for the more symbolic, impressionistic approach used with most modern tarot decks. This is due primarily to their spare presentation that doesn't encourage much … Continue reading A Tarot de Marseille Process Analysis

A Process-Management “Playbook” Spread

This post is more academic than most in that it takes a detailed look at principles that are usually more aligned with business objectives than personal goals. The ideal querent for this approach would be a hands-on administrator in any commercial or institutional venture that is process-intensive. This spread proposes that successfully managing the development … Continue reading A Process-Management “Playbook” Spread

The “Tale of Two Arcs” Business Dynamic Spread

I enjoy playing with 3D effects in spreads. Sometimes I use layered positions to obtain that perspective, but here I'm opting for visual card size to show rising and falling developments in two contrasting arcs, one that peaks in the middle and the other that hits a mid-cycle trough. Any start-up business venture faces a … Continue reading The “Tale of Two Arcs” Business Dynamic Spread

“The Blind Pig and the Acorn” Career Outlook Spread

Although Dukes of Hazzard fans would like to claim it as part of Southern heritage, as would Appalachia, the proverb alluded to in the title was apparently of ancient Roman origin: "Even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while." According to Wikipedia, there is a "related Latin saying that a blind … Continue reading “The Blind Pig and the Acorn” Career Outlook Spread

The “Take No Prisoners” Transition Spread

Any major transition, whether corporate, political or sociological, can produce significant upheaval in the "receiving" organization. This is especially unnerving for those on the lower rungs of the pecking order, whose best interests aren't always served by the leadership in these situations. This spread is designed for subordinate members of any group to explore important … Continue reading The “Take No Prisoners” Transition Spread

Company in the Cross-hairs: A SWOT Road-map

The subject of "SWOT" analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) comes up fairly often on the tarot forums, usually in the context of personal  circumstances rather than the corporate affairs for which it was originally intended. I can see the appeal, but I think it's a bit mechanistic for that purpose and have created many SWOT alternative spreads that … Continue reading Company in the Cross-hairs: A SWOT Road-map