Trumps As Situational “Wallpaper”

This is a follow-up to my observation that, rather than foretelling inevitable events of a life-altering nature, the trump cards most often serve as profound "background themes" or big-picture "stage-setters" for the minor-card actors, much like a theater backdrop. They invoke a climate that is ripe for certain occurrences, but the querent must still command … Continue reading Trumps As Situational “Wallpaper”

More Thoughts on the Trump Cards

Not long ago I posted a detailed essay on how I think the Major Arcana (aka "trump" cards) operate in divination. Since that time I've had occasion to further consider their significance in readings that explore situational developments where external factors are likely to play a part. As before, I seldom see them as … Continue reading More Thoughts on the Trump Cards

Much Ado About Nothing? – The Problem with Trump Cards in Prediction

Although I've been working up to it for a while, I recently decided to take a more measured stance regarding the significance of trump cards in my personal readings (but not in those for other people since I won't presume to tinker with their destiny; that's for them to decide upon seeing the cards). I've … Continue reading Much Ado About Nothing? – The Problem with Trump Cards in Prediction

“Pin the Handle on the Perp ” – A Suspect-Identification Spread

This method first appeared in a "whodunit" reading for a murdered New Hampshire woman that I posted in October of last year, but I can never find it when I want it so I broke it out into its own post. The court-card representing the suspect will typically have come up in an earlier spread … Continue reading “Pin the Handle on the Perp ” – A Suspect-Identification Spread

The “Two-Trump Tango” Example Reading: A Study in Determination

In this example pull for my new life-reading spread, I used the Spanish Tarot TdM deck without reversals. The question I asked was "Where will my guitar-playing initiative take me in the next six months?" Last week, completely out of the blue, I decided to resume the guitar-playing ambitions that I dropped shortly after buying … Continue reading The “Two-Trump Tango” Example Reading: A Study in Determination

The “Two-Trump Tango” Life-Reading Spread*

*(So named for no other reason than that it has a pleasing alliteration to it.) I've long held that, when they appear in a prediction, the tarot trump cards usually presage "matters of greater import" emerging in a person's life, while the rest of the cards are more about routine experiences and attitudes arising within … Continue reading The “Two-Trump Tango” Life-Reading Spread*

Recombinant Trumps: Lovers and Tower

This pair presents what might be considered a "turnaround" of the previous one since the trump cards swap position from top to bottom and left to right: where before the Tower and the Lovers were subsidiary counterparts to the Chariot and the Devil, respectively, here they are the primary trumps. The Lovers now appears to … Continue reading Recombinant Trumps: Lovers and Tower