A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

To test my "Perfect Storm" new-relationship spread, I decided to look at what the complexion of the US Congress will be after the 2020 elections. For the Significator cards, I used the Rorig Tarot (Spanish Edition) with the Caballero (King) de Espadas for the Republican contingent and the Caballero (King) de Copas for the Democrats. … Continue reading A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

A “Moving Finger” Example Reading

This example reading involves a couple I used to know whose relationship can best be described as more than a little dysfunctional. The question was "What is going to become of them?" I performed the spread in two ways, first considering reversals, and then turning all of the reversed cards upright and applying Elemental Dignities. … Continue reading A “Moving Finger” Example Reading

The “Squaring the Circle” Relationship Development Spread

This spread takes its inspiration from the "Squaring the Circle" exercise I posted yesterday. In working with it, I found that there may be repetition of cards between the main spread and its "mirrored" counterpart, as well as among the various quintessence cards, so use of a second deck for those auxiliary operations is strongly … Continue reading The “Squaring the Circle” Relationship Development Spread

“It’s Good to Be the King!*” – A “Match Game” Example Reading

This is a hypothetical reading using my "Match Game" Relationship Dynamic Spread. It portrays an old-fashioned patriarchal (that is, "male-dominant") marital relationship; at my age I've seen plenty of those going back to the 1950s. Essentially, the man calls all the shots and the woman pretty much sucks up whatever he deals out. (I might … Continue reading “It’s Good to Be the King!*” – A “Match Game” Example Reading

The “Marriage of Convenience” Joint Dynamic Spread

Occasionally I'm inspired to attempt a business relationship spread. This one shows the joint dynamic between two entities that share common interests and are seeking ways to cooperate to their mutual benefit. Thus, there are no "negative" positions in the spread, and the individual cards will tell the tale "for good or ill." Reversals may … Continue reading The “Marriage of Convenience” Joint Dynamic Spread

A “Tough Love” Example Reading

This reading was performed on a hypothetical romantic relationship by applying my "Relationship Crisis Spread." I used the Thoth deck, with reversals; this spread does not require a Significator card. I also calculated the two optional "quintessence" cards to show how that is intended to work. The relationship in question was between a man and … Continue reading A “Tough Love” Example Reading