April’s Dilemma: A Lenormand 3×3 Reading

I generally don't post twice in the same day, but this is a pressing situation that involves a missing-person case I've been pursing for the last month. Based on input from a psychic, the question was raised whether April Bailey of Nashua, NH might have committed suicide. In a previous tarot reading, the Death card … Continue reading April’s Dilemma: A Lenormand 3×3 Reading

The “Tip of the Iceberg” Mixed-Media Problem-Solving Spread

I've been meaning for some time to try my hand at creating spreads that use both cards and dominoes in developing the reading layout. Here is my first attempt focused on problem-solving scenarios. It is essentially a doubled five-card path from an opening "current situation" perspective to a closing  "future consequences" projection that has a … Continue reading The “Tip of the Iceberg” Mixed-Media Problem-Solving Spread

The “AC/DC” Dual-Current Conflict Resolution Spread

Here is some more fun with dice and cards. It assumes that odd numbers are "active" and resolute in their function while even numbers are "passive" and vulnerable to lapsing into discord due to insufficient momentum or mixed feelings about the outcome. One path shows uneventful progress toward a clearly-marked destination while the other presents … Continue reading The “AC/DC” Dual-Current Conflict Resolution Spread

Random Numbers: An Alternate Approach to Remote Reading

As I've mentioned before, when approached to do remote readings I prefer to have clients pull their own cards and e-mail me a list in the order drawn.  Shuffling and cutting the cards myself for a distant sitter can introduce subconscious "reader's bias" and potentially hijack the focus of the reading. I believe that reading … Continue reading Random Numbers: An Alternate Approach to Remote Reading

What Happened to April? – A Physical Status and Location Snapshot

Since there has been nothing new in the media on the whereabouts of April Bailey, who disappeared in mid-January, I decided to pursue two additional readings to further explore her fate. The first is intended to ascertain in blunt terms whether she is still alive, and uses the Albano-Waite RWS deck without reversals, and the … Continue reading What Happened to April? – A Physical Status and Location Snapshot

“Stirring the Pot” – A Developmental Insight and Action Spread

Here is another split-deck decision-making spread. It formalizes the involvement of other people who may have a stake in the matter, whether to aid, obstruct or take advantage of the seeker. This is accomplished by separating the court cards from the deck and dealing them into specific positions reflecting the above possibilities. Human beings are … Continue reading “Stirring the Pot” – A Developmental Insight and Action Spread

April’s Situation: A “Hopscotch” Example Reading

Since there was considerable interest in my post about the missing-person case of April Bailey, I decided to test my "Hopscotch" Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread" on it. I used the Thoth deck for this reading. The first thing that is immediately obvious is that her situation is highly doubtful, with the first three cards reversed … Continue reading April’s Situation: A “Hopscotch” Example Reading

The “Hopscotch” Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread

As is most likely apparent, I enjoy spreads that take unexpected twists and turns at some point in their journey from question to answer. This one uses reversed cards to change the direction of the flow from a typically linear, left-to-right model to a more complex, multi-tiered affair that can descend into situational ambiguity as … Continue reading The “Hopscotch” Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread

High-Focus Cards: An Input/Output Model

Yesterday while performing a reading I was struck by the notion that certain cards  literally stand out from the pack as "high-focus" since they are symbolically replete and subject to little or no modulation in their expression. My immediate examples were the Aces, which are undivided and uncomplicated in behavior and purpose; they make a … Continue reading High-Focus Cards: An Input/Output Model