The “Good Days/Bad Days” Mixed-Media Weekly Forecast Spread

When I run out of metaphysical grist for my editorial mill I turn to spread creation. Here is another of my "mixed-media" layouts that uses dice and cards. The idea is to craft a seven-day weekly forecast out of fourteen face-down cards by using the even or odd number of face-up spots in a single … Continue reading The “Good Days/Bad Days” Mixed-Media Weekly Forecast Spread

Lunar Month Look-ahead for May-June, 2020

Here is my monthly lunar forecast for May-June of 2020. This spread is designed around astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s eight-phase “lunation cycle,” during which each sub-phase lasts approximately 3.5 days. I used the Moon Phase Calendar website to easily identify the approximate dates of the phase changes. I always use reversals with this spread. The deck … Continue reading Lunar Month Look-ahead for May-June, 2020

Psychometric Example Reading: A Testosterone Reaction

As a follow-up to my Psychometric Card Selection post, I pulled a five-card line using the intuitive "psychic sensitivity" technique to look at an ongoing situation involving neighborhood dissension. I used the RWS Centennial pocket edition with reversals. The circumstances entail the continued development of new homes in the area and their negative impact on … Continue reading Psychometric Example Reading: A Testosterone Reaction

More Thoughts on the Trump Cards

Not long ago I posted a detailed essay on how I think the Major Arcana (aka "trump" cards) operate in divination. Since that time I've had occasion to further consider their significance in readings that explore situational developments where external factors are likely to play a part. As before, I seldom see them as … Continue reading More Thoughts on the Trump Cards

A “Motivational Extremes” Example Reading

I performed a reading to test my new "Motivational Extremes" problem-solving approach. The question I asked was how best to cope with the emotional distress caused by the extended societal lock-down and stay-at-home expectations stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. (We haven't been able to see our young grandchildren for a couple of months.) I used … Continue reading A “Motivational Extremes” Example Reading

The “Motivational Extremes” Problem-Solving Menu

Consider this "the spread that is not a spread." It requires the reader to exercise judgment regarding which two of sixteen "obstacle" and "opportunity" cards present the greatest challenge for the querent and the brightest hope for successful resolution in any problem-solving scenario. The result of this deliberation is a three-card reading that describes the  … Continue reading The “Motivational Extremes” Problem-Solving Menu

The “Elemental Crossing” Decision-Making Spread

Here is a decision-making spread that uses Elemental Dignities and the compatible or incompatible divinatory nature of cards in combination to identify which of four resolution modes appears to be the most favorable. The central "focus" card for the decision can either be selected intentionally in advance or pulled randomly during the deal. Reversals may … Continue reading The “Elemental Crossing” Decision-Making Spread