“Unto the Breach” Problem-Solving Spread

Most personal-problem scenarios reach a point where things "come to a boil;" we have gained some momentum toward resolution but the opposition is entrenched, so a pitched battle ensues (even if the conflict is only within our own psyche). Some kind of "breach" has to be found (or made) in the wall of resistance that … Continue reading “Unto the Breach” Problem-Solving Spread

“I Smell A Rat” – A Problem-Solving Spread

Everyone knows that the Devil can be a perfidious fellow (what The Eagles once called a "cru-el dude"). Here I cast him as the proverbial "rat" in the classic "I smell a rat" trouble-is-brewing scenario. A key feature of this spread is that the Rat may not appear exactly where the Querent suspects he is going … Continue reading “I Smell A Rat” – A Problem-Solving Spread