The “AC/DC” Dual-Current Conflict Resolution Spread

Here is some more fun with dice and cards. It assumes that odd numbers are "active" and resolute in their function while even numbers are "passive" and vulnerable to lapsing into discord due to insufficient momentum or mixed feelings about the outcome. One path shows uneventful progress toward a clearly-marked destination while the other presents … Continue reading The “AC/DC” Dual-Current Conflict Resolution Spread

A “Breaking the Chain” Example Reading

This turned out to be a provocative and entertaining spread in actual use. For the topic I chose to examine the causal chain for my admitted "sweet tooth," especially around the holiday season. I purposely selected the Empress as the "Root Card" for my dietary indiscretion: "It's not nice to say 'No' to Mother Nature!"). … Continue reading A “Breaking the Chain” Example Reading

“Breaking the Chain” Cause-and-Effect Spread

This is the spread I promised yesterday; it is built on the assumption that the sitter can best decide (based on the subconscious "hunches" that most of us harbor) which time-frame should be explored first in determining why present circumstances are the way they are and what might be done about them. Since our behavior … Continue reading “Breaking the Chain” Cause-and-Effect Spread

Who Hit Julia? – A Hit-and-Run Reading

This layout is a spin-off from my "Rogue's Gallery" unsolved homicide spread, in which I'm using the Tower as the central "focus" card to signify a traumatic accident rather than Death, which symbolized a homicide in the original spread. I'm also using the 10 of Swords as the pointer or "finger" card because in many … Continue reading Who Hit Julia? – A Hit-and-Run Reading

The “Hot-and-Cold Running Commentary” Problem-Solving Spread

Here is an intricate 12-card spread that uses elemental temperaments to determine which course of action will produce the best solution to a problem. The moderate traits of "warm" and "cool" are applied to suggest an integrated approach rather than the absolute qualities of Fire, Water, Air and Earth (which are considered background forces here … Continue reading The “Hot-and-Cold Running Commentary” Problem-Solving Spread

“Unto the Breach” Problem-Solving Spread

Most personal-problem scenarios reach a point where things "come to a boil;" we have gained some momentum toward resolution but the opposition is entrenched, so a pitched battle ensues (even if the conflict is only within our own psyche). Some kind of "breach" has to be found (or made) in the wall of resistance that … Continue reading “Unto the Breach” Problem-Solving Spread

“I Smell A Rat” – A Problem-Solving Spread

Everyone knows that the Devil can be a perfidious fellow (what The Eagles once called a "cru-el dude"). Here I cast him as the proverbial "rat" in the classic "I smell a rat" trouble-is-brewing scenario. A key feature of this spread is that the Rat may not appear exactly where the Querent suspects he is going … Continue reading “I Smell A Rat” – A Problem-Solving Spread