The “Monkey in the Middle” Problem Clarification Spread

Every so often we all encounter situations where we're stumped  by the meaning of a particular card in a particular reading. A common practice is to pull more cards to clarify the interpretation, but I prefer to take my cue from A.E. Waite's Pictorial Key to the Tarot and use the problem card as the "Significator" in a new … Continue reading The “Monkey in the Middle” Problem Clarification Spread

“The Oyster and the Sword” Eye-Opener Spread

There is a line from Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor where the braggart Pistol obliquely threatens Falstaff when the latter refuses to lend him money: "Why then the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open" I figured this quote is a good inspiration for a spread aimed at exploring unknown territory that … Continue reading “The Oyster and the Sword” Eye-Opener Spread

An “Astrological Lemniscate” Problem-Solving Spread

I've become rather bored with the traditional 12-position astrological spread; it often turns into a case of too much information, to the point that you "can't see the forest for the trees." But I do believe a good deal of interpretive mileage can be gained from blending the active and passive natures of the twelve … Continue reading An “Astrological Lemniscate” Problem-Solving Spread

The “High Road/Low Road” Major Dilemma Spread

While discussing the "high road" and "low road" options available to the querent when encountering the "crossroads" of the Lovers card and its implied decision, I realized that I haven't posted the spread I created around that metaphor. Here it is; it's intended for major decision-making scenarios.

The “Palace of Joys and Sorrows” Conditional Awareness Spread

Here is another spread that uses a three-part separation of the deck into trumps-only, court-only and minors-only sub-packs, each with a different focus in the reading. It's built on the idea of a "best-case/steady-state/worst-case" scenario in each of three areas - Central Issue or Conflict, Key Player or Quality, and Functional Status of the situation … Continue reading The “Palace of Joys and Sorrows” Conditional Awareness Spread

The “Inconvenient Truths” Personal Encounter Spread

Now back to our regular programing . . . This spread is designed to examine head-on encounters between two people with potentially very different agendas and expectations. It's purpose is not so much to find common ground as to minimize negative exposure to the querent.