The “Be All You Can Be” Archetype Alignment Spread

There was an old recruitment slogan used by the U.S. Army for over 20 years that went "Be All You Can Be."  I poached this phrase to reflect aspiration to the universal human ideals captured in the first four numbered trump cards of the tarot as Fire (Emperor/Mars), Water (High Priestess/Moon), Air (Magician/Mercury) and Earth … Continue reading The “Be All You Can Be” Archetype Alignment Spread

“Being There” – A Personal Growth Spread

* This spread was inspired by an article (“The B's”) on the Lorian Associations's blog site (see sidebar link) by David Spangler, one of the original architects of the New Age. It describes modes of being appropriate to successfully navigating the coming year and beyond. Think of it as a model for personal growth. The … Continue reading “Being There” – A Personal Growth Spread

A Twist on the Romany Spread

This seven-fold personality development spread is a melding of the traditional 7x3 Romany "past/present/future" layout with the qualities of the seven traditional planets of astrology - a perfect match in my humble opinion. It can be read either as an overall personality profile within a single time-frame, or as individual traits across across all three. … Continue reading A Twist on the Romany Spread

The “Personal Archetypes” Individual Profile Spread

The next time you decide to ask the cards "How does X think/feel about me?" why not ask instead "Who is X, really?" This spread is intended to explore the "building blocks" of the individuality in four modes: Instinctual, Habitual, Rational and Spiritual. Use it on anyone you want to know "stuff" about (even yourself). Testimonial: … Continue reading The “Personal Archetypes” Individual Profile Spread