Craft, Career or Calling?

I sometimes wonder how many people actually make a living wage in the field of divination, much less a handsome income. There are notable exceptions, of course, mostly respected authors, teachers, lecturers, artists, publishers and the occasional shop owner (although those are rapidly disappearing or diversifying in the face of crushing online sales). But I would venture to … Continue reading Craft, Career or Calling?

So Easy a Caveman (or Any Man) Could Do It

Permit me a little latitude (at least in my terminology if not in my attitude, which is in the main sympathetic - and please forgive the unintended limerick) as I examine the demographics of the modern tarot community. Back in the early '70s social connectivity other than barroom malingering was virtually unheard of beyond one's … Continue reading So Easy a Caveman (or Any Man) Could Do It