An Indelicate Proposal? (The Client and the Cards)

One of those curious questions that occasionally pop up on the tarot forums (with what I sense is a faintly scandalized tone), and a real head-scratcher for old-timers at this stuff,  is "Do you let other people touch your cards?" The assumption is that a troubled sitter's "negative energy" will bleed all over the cards, … Continue reading An Indelicate Proposal? (The Client and the Cards)

The “Great Make-over” Personal Tune-up Spread

Many tarot enthusiasts shy away from divination of the "fortune-telling" sort and instead use the cards for augmenting their personal sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Most of the spreads I've seen for this are usually light on detail, typically no more than five cards. Here I'm offering a more complex spread for … Continue reading The “Great Make-over” Personal Tune-up Spread

Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity

I sometimes wonder how those of us who practice divination - especially those for whom "faith" is not the normal mode of approach to all things spiritual - reconcile what we believe to be true about our pursuits and what we're able to confirm as truth. The gap (the "disparity" of the title) between what … Continue reading Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity