A Life-Factors Reading: Who Is Brett Kavanaugh?

I decided to test my Temperament and Character spread on Judge (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh to see what kind of person it shows him to be. I used the Thoth deck, with reversals, and selected the senior member of the Swords suit (the Thoth Knight) as Significator. My camera is packed away for our move, … Continue reading A Life-Factors Reading: Who Is Brett Kavanaugh?

The Life-Factors Spread: A Human Temperament and Character Mash-up

Some time ago I was reading about the difference between temperament and character as aspects of the human personality. These terms are frequently confused in conversation, but they aren't interchangeable. Temperament is viewed as fundamental "human nature," embodying innate qualities that are present at birth, while character is understood to be the product of environmental … Continue reading The Life-Factors Spread: A Human Temperament and Character Mash-up

The “Turning Point” Life’s Journey Spread

Most of us have had the experience of reaching a major turning point in our lives (a death, a divorce or break-up, the loss of a job, a relocation or other new beginning, etc.), with no idea what lies ahead. This spread is intended to explore that uncertain future from a "destiny" perspective - spiritual, … Continue reading The “Turning Point” Life’s Journey Spread

The “Just Folks” Personality Profile Spread

I don't do much personality profiling with the tarot because I think it works best as an action-and-event-oriented approach to divination (the "situational awareness and developmental insight" thing I'm always on about). But when I do it, I tend to be comprehensive. Here is a spread that is aimed at examining the multiple personae that an … Continue reading The “Just Folks” Personality Profile Spread

The “Boxcar Shuffle” Mixed-Media Forecast Spread

Sometimes I get bored just shuffling, cutting and dealing the cards and want something a little more exotic. Here is a spread that starts with six randomly drawn cards laid face-down. A single six-sided die is used to create an "emerging" story-line by selecting the order in which these cards are revealed in each of … Continue reading The “Boxcar Shuffle” Mixed-Media Forecast Spread

The “Dire Straits” Dilemma Assessment Spread

One of the thorniest questions facing a diviner is whether or not it is prudent and ethical to attempt predicting events or situations that could have a major adverse impact on the life of a person or other entity. The wiser heads among us almost unanimously advise against making forecasts that involve death or diagnosis of serious illness, … Continue reading The “Dire Straits” Dilemma Assessment Spread

The “Hidden Agenda” Developmental Insight Spread

My reserves of philosophical commentary are starting to run low, so it's time to float another new spread. This one presents a novel way to populate a three-card line. Twelve cards are dealt (and a "quintessence" card is derived), but only three cards and the pertinent quint are read. It uses the concept of an … Continue reading The “Hidden Agenda” Developmental Insight Spread

“Parsifal’s Microscope” In-Depth Analysis Spread

As is no doubt  self-evident from my previous posts here, I love complex spreads with lots of working parts to coordinate. This spread is a substitute for the Celtic Cross and covers much the same ground, but is entirely situational in content with no overt psychological assumptions  other than the inferred attributes of the Significator … Continue reading “Parsifal’s Microscope” In-Depth Analysis Spread