A “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Example Reading

I performed this spread to project my own circumstances over the next six months, using the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition with reversals. I deliberately chose a scenic deck for its "facing" possibilities, but the spread can be used with non-scenic decks like the Tarot de Marseille by using the odd-or-even directional model mentioned in the … Continue reading A “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Example Reading

The “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Six-Month Life Reading Spread

I have a strong interest in tarot spreads that function on multiple levels, particularly of the "mind/body/spirit" type. This is my second three-tiered spread to explore that territory, this time using "facing" and dispensing with the astrological correspondences. This one is developmental in nature, offering a six-month forecast, rather than a real-time "snapshot." Here is … Continue reading The “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Six-Month Life Reading Spread

The “Moving Finger” Situational Development Spread

"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line" (Omar Khayyam, from The Rubaiyat) Here is a spread built around the rather whimsical notion I had yesterday that upright cards in a reading can be considered "solar" (plainspoken and reliable) … Continue reading The “Moving Finger” Situational Development Spread

The “Two-Trump Tango” Example Reading: A Study in Determination

In this example pull for my new life-reading spread, I used the Spanish Tarot TdM deck without reversals. The question I asked was "Where will my guitar-playing initiative take me in the next six months?" Last week, completely out of the blue, I decided to resume the guitar-playing ambitions that I dropped shortly after buying … Continue reading The “Two-Trump Tango” Example Reading: A Study in Determination

The “Two-Trump Tango” Life-Reading Spread*

*(So named for no other reason than that it has a pleasing alliteration to it.) I've long held that, when they appear in a prediction, the tarot trump cards usually presage "matters of greater import" emerging in a person's life, while the rest of the cards are more about routine experiences and attitudes arising within … Continue reading The “Two-Trump Tango” Life-Reading Spread*

A 2020 Six-Month Grand Tableau

Every six months I perform a Lenormand Grand Tableau reading to look at my prospects for the upcoming semi-annual period. This year I'm doing something different. I haven't been satisfied with the usefulness of the last four "summary" (aka "fate" or "destiny") cards of the 8x4+4 "piquet" layout (which also tend to complicate the practices … Continue reading A 2020 Six-Month Grand Tableau

An “Envelope of the Year” Example Reading

This is a practice reading using my new "Envelope of the Year" Life-Reading Spread; the querent here is an imaginary male sitter and the full-year layout was used with the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition, including reversals. In doing this for myself I will probably go month-by-month and do a series of weekly readings for each … Continue reading An “Envelope of the Year” Example Reading

The “Envelope of the Year” Life-Reading Spread

The new year is almost upon us, so I created another "annual look-ahead" spread that can be taken in 3-card monthly bites or in one giant 36-card, 12-month gulp. The spread uses an "envelope" concept in which each monthly three-card column has a "steady-state" card and two transitory scenarios, one "best-case" and the other "worst-case." … Continue reading The “Envelope of the Year” Life-Reading Spread

A “Round It Goes” Example Reading

It took a while, but I finally got the game-board spinner necessary to try out this unusual spread. https://parsifalswheeldivination.com/2019/07/12/the-round-it-goes-decision-making-spread/ I found it useful to select a deck that matched the height of the spinner pad fairly closely so I could lay out the cards in a uniform way that eliminated the possibility of "pointer overlap" … Continue reading A “Round It Goes” Example Reading