The “Tree of Life or Strife” Mixed-Destiny Spread

In contemplating ways to bring the Qliphoth or "shells" to bear on the standard Tree of Life spread, I came up with the following 10-card "light-and-shadow" variation. It is read in two parts, first as two sub-sets according to the Qabalistic number series, and then as an "as-drawn" 10-card line with two subdivisions ("above" and … Continue reading The “Tree of Life or Strife” Mixed-Destiny Spread

“Reopening America” – A Lenormand Tableau Reading

I used my new 24-card Lenormand tableau (the "Lenormand Lozenge," posted earlier) to ask what the consequences would be of reopening business and recreational venues on a nationwide basis in the United States in the near future. This is the Old Style Lenormand deck. The essence of the reading is shown by the four alphanumeric … Continue reading “Reopening America” – A Lenormand Tableau Reading

A “Lenormand Lozenge” Example Reading

I performed this example reading for my "Lenormand Lozenge" 24-card tableau. This is the Blue Owl Lenromand. My question was "What are the implications, complications and risks of staying on my current path?" "Ground Zero" in this spread lies on the "Awareness Horizon" between the four "A" alphanumeric cards; here they are the Cross (A1); … Continue reading A “Lenormand Lozenge” Example Reading

A 2020 Spring Equinox Quarterly Outlook

I performed my Quarterly Outlook spread for the first quarter of the zodiacal year beginning March 20, 2020. I used the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition with reversals for this reading. This 3-month layout displays two different developmental arcs that are, at least on the surface, out-of-sync with one another. The weekly cards are for the … Continue reading A 2020 Spring Equinox Quarterly Outlook

The “Time Passages” Long-Range Life-Reading Spread, Parts One and Two

As promised yesterday, here is my latest attempt at creating a spread (actually two interlocking spreads) that can be used to provide long-range developmental insights as far out as three years in time. It uses a split deck (Major and Minor sub-packs) in the first phase only, and consists of two separate parts. Part One … Continue reading The “Time Passages” Long-Range Life-Reading Spread, Parts One and Two

The Practicality of Long-Range Readings

I recently received a request to do a professional tarot reading that spanned up to a two-year period. I thought long and hard about attempting it, but ultimately decided that it wouldn't be prudent, primarily because the topic was "personal life" circumstances, which can often be a euphemism for relationship matters, and situations involving other … Continue reading The Practicality of Long-Range Readings