Health & Happiness: A Knee-Injury Reading

For the last six weeks I've been suffering from a moderately debilitating knee injury. As near as I can tell from my research, it seems to be patellar tendonitis, perhaps bordering on tendonopathy. I've struggled with it from time to time while skiing and jogging over the last fifteen years, occasionally experiencing sharp pain right … Continue reading Health & Happiness: A Knee-Injury Reading

The Knights’ Crossing: A Lenormand Experiment

One of the challenges with small Lenormand spreads when using a subject-matter "topic" card - Tree for health, Fish for money, Heart for romance, House for domestic affairs, Ship for travel, etc. - is that the assigned card may not appear in the layout at all if it isn't pre-positioned. This isn't a problem with … Continue reading The Knights’ Crossing: A Lenormand Experiment

“Look, Ma . . . No Hands!” (A Five-Card Experiment)

I decided to put my somewhat feeble line reading skills to a test in two different ways, asking the same question of two decks and using a pre-positioned topic card in one of the spreads. I used the Blue Owl for the unstructured line and the Piatnik for the pre-arranged one. The question was "What is … Continue reading “Look, Ma . . . No Hands!” (A Five-Card Experiment)