Who Killed Stacey? – A “Whodunit” Rogue’s Gallery Reading

On Mother's Day in 2009, 41-year-old Stacey Burns of Wolfboro, NH was found stabbed to death in her bed; nobody has ever been charged with the crime, although the investigation is still active. I have a special tarot spread for these circumstances, the "Whodunit Rogue's Gallery Spread," and decided to put this case through it … Continue reading Who Killed Stacey? – A “Whodunit” Rogue’s Gallery Reading

A “Spiritual Release” Example Reading

This was an interesting exercise because I have been on an esoteric spiritual journey for over four decades, and count myself among the 37% of Americans who consider themselves "spiritual but not religious." I used the Radiant RWS for this reading. Card #1 - "What I Know" (The Footing): High Priestess I believe this card is talking about … Continue reading A “Spiritual Release” Example Reading

The “Two Out of Three” Decision-Making Spread

I've always found the typical three-card draw to be rather uninspiring. My long-held opinion is that the reader has to inject entirely too much intuitive guesswork into the gaps between the cards to make a compelling narrative out of the sequence. A five-position spread is the minimum I prefer to work with in order to "just read … Continue reading The “Two Out of Three” Decision-Making Spread

The “Mystic Chalice” Trump Card Layout

I sometimes amuse myself by creating study tools for analyzing the interrelationship between the cards of the tarot, both in two dimensions and stacked in a three-dimensional overlay. This one uses an imaginative arrangement of the trump cards as its basis. I call it the "Mystic Chalice," but have to admit it does look a … Continue reading The “Mystic Chalice” Trump Card Layout