Craft, Career or Calling?

I sometimes wonder how many people actually make a living wage in the field of divination, much less a handsome income. There are notable exceptions, of course, mostly respected authors, teachers, lecturers, artists, publishers and the occasional shop owner (although those are rapidly disappearing or diversifying in the face of crushing online sales). But I would venture to … Continue reading Craft, Career or Calling?

The Seeker and the Spirit

Spiritually, I tend to define myself by what I'm not: that is, not religious in any conventional, monotheistic sense. Not Christian, Jewish or Muslim (although my ancestry is almost certainly Middle Eastern by way of southern Germany), not Hindu and not Buddhist (although Buddhism definitely has its appeal). After reading Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, … Continue reading The Seeker and the Spirit

The “What of a Much of a Which” Event Analysis Spread

Although he had more dire implications in mind, ee cummings might have been talking about the fortune-teller's art in his poem what of a much of a which of a wind (for example, "blow soon to never and never to twice"). One of the greatest challenges facing those who try to discern past, present … Continue reading The “What of a Much of a Which” Event Analysis Spread