The “Tetractys” Decision-Making Spread

With this spread I believe I've found a satisfactory alternative to my long-standing use of the venerable and reliable Celtic Cross. I want to acknowledge that this isn't entirely original work; I found a suggested interpretive model on Wikipedia that was presented as one possibility among many. I tweaked most of the position descriptions to … Continue reading The “Tetractys” Decision-Making Spread

Weather or Not: An Event-Planning Spread

This spread serves two purposes: its more obvious aim is to forecast the likely weather conditions for a planned outdoor event or travel situation. Its more abstract objective is to serve as a data-collection tool for determining how effective prediction is with the cards. One of the chief weaknesses in cartomantic prognostication is that so … Continue reading Weather or Not: An Event-Planning Spread

A “Hidden Agenda” Developmental Insight Reading

I was recently asked by someone to perform a reading to answer whether a person they are involved with has a "hidden agenda." (This is not a romantic situation.) It so happens that I have a spread specifically for this scenario, and I don't often get a chance to use it. The querent suspects … Continue reading A “Hidden Agenda” Developmental Insight Reading

The “Round It Goes” Decision-Making Spread

There has been some on-line discussion lately about the Random Number Generators that tarot software apps use to select the cards for a reading. I was resistant to the idea for a long time because it seemed too disconnected from the tactile "feel" of the cards to produce valid results. But eventually I realized that … Continue reading The “Round It Goes” Decision-Making Spread

The “Light-and-Shadow” Decision-Making Spread

The "Holy Grail" of decision-making advice is the simple, straightforward "yes-or-no" answer: "Should I or shouldn't I? Will she or won't she? Is it or isn't it?" There are numerous short spreads that strive for this goal; this isn't one of them. It recognizes that every sunny street has a shady side, and a ray … Continue reading The “Light-and-Shadow” Decision-Making Spread

The “Speed-Bump and Pothole” Decision-Making Spread

In New England, one of the "Rites of Spring" when driving is the emergence of frost-heaves and potholes in the roadways, forcing us to slow down and steer a devious course around them. Here is a simple (at least for me) decision-making spread that acknowledges the fact that any course of action can be fraught … Continue reading The “Speed-Bump and Pothole” Decision-Making Spread

The “Build It As You Go” 3-Card Vignette

My aversion to very small spreads is well-known; in most cases, even three cards don't do much for me. However, I often find ways to extract meaningful subsets from larger patterns, especially if there are compelling indicators bringing them to my attention. The "cross" section of the Celtic Cross spread with its "past-present-future" triplicity is … Continue reading The “Build It As You Go” 3-Card Vignette

The “Two Paths You Can Go By” Decision-Making Spread

Popular culture is often a goldmine of spread ideas and titles. In this case, the line "Yes, there are two paths you can go by" from Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" was tailor-made for a decision-making spread. After completing my "pips" cycle of essays, I decided to create a spread specifically for "pips-only" use. This … Continue reading The “Two Paths You Can Go By” Decision-Making Spread