The “Crossroads of Opportunity” Spread

Whenever inspiration for my next post fails me, I turn to creation of a new spread. This one plays off my fascination with inserting unknown qualities (in this case, face-down cards) into my layouts, the implications of which are revealed through certain selective operations. Other than that feature, this is a fairly standard multi-path decision-making … Continue reading The “Crossroads of Opportunity” Spread

The “Last Word” Positional Awareness Spread

This is a decision-making spread and a variant of my typical "situational awareness" approach. In this case, the decision involves whether a position being maintained or contemplated by the querent in a particular situation is in fact tenable, or whether  the advisability of sustaining or pursuing it should be reconsidered. The positional meanings are self-explanatory. … Continue reading The “Last Word” Positional Awareness Spread

The “Twist of Fate” Course-Correction Spread

Any enterprise or project can reach a point where it becomes vulnerable to external meddling, especially when someone on the outside sees an opportunity to gain some kind of advantage, whether that individual is a corporate raider, a wealthy investor, a wheeling-and-dealing venture capitalist, a conniving co-worker or a pushy mother-in-law. This is the stuff … Continue reading The “Twist of Fate” Course-Correction Spread

The “No Guts, No Glory” Risk Analysis Spread

Sometimes you just "gotta do what you gotta do." This simple spread is designed to show the risk and payback potential of any chancy course of action. No detailed guidance is needed, the spread positions are self-explanatory. Either your idea is a good one or it isn't. The "Advice" card is the quintessence derived from … Continue reading The “No Guts, No Glory” Risk Analysis Spread