Where Is April? – A Horary “No-Go”

The missing-person case of April Bailey continues to intrigue me, so I thought I would cast a horary astrology chart to see if it reveals anything unusual that wasn't reflected in my previous tarot reading. But I never really got started because I ran into two of what are called "strictures against judgement" that render … Continue reading Where Is April? – A Horary “No-Go”

What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

I've been holding off from posting this in hope that more information on the current status and location of George Cross would come to light, but there has been nothing new since my earlier tarot reading. In this horary chart I've taken a few liberties with astrologer John Frawley's methods, but the bottom line continues … Continue reading What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

What Happened to Mike? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

The very first thing that crossed my mind upon waking at 4:26 yesterday morning, before ordering my thoughts and even before answering the usual "call of nature," was that no examination of a "missing anything" is complete until a horary astrology chart has been cast. Although I generally use them to find lost items, I … Continue reading What Happened to Mike? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

An Astro-Tarot Meditation Aid

Aleister Crowley said that the ideal way to become intimately acquainted with the Major Arcana of the tarot as "living beings" is meditation (although divination is the most practical way for the uninitiated). In his book The Druidry Handbook, John Michael Greer observed that the noisy Western mental machinery is not amenable to the Eastern … Continue reading An Astro-Tarot Meditation Aid

Oriental Appearance: A Case Study

(Full Disclosure: For the moment I'm going to drop back from my current fascination with traditional astrology and revert to my previous incarnation as a New Age psychological astrologer.) I seldom use the meticulous techniques that astrologer Marc Edmund Jones presented in Essentials of Astrological Analysis, but I recently came across a classic case of … Continue reading Oriental Appearance: A Case Study