Thoughts on Face-to-Face Reading

In this age of instantaneous electronic communication, there are tarot readers who may never experience the stimulation (and, yes, the trepidation) of reading the cards for other people in a face-to-face setting. Usually it's a lack of confidence rather than limited opportunity that keeps them chained to remote situations where they never get to test … Continue reading Thoughts on Face-to-Face Reading

“Painting Testimonial Pictures” – Problem Cards and Pataphysics

I think we can all agree that the tarot excels at throwing us curve-balls during the practice of prediction. Usually it's in the form of a card in a reading that just won't fit the puzzle no matter how we turn it. Often it's a major - or "trump" card - that lands in the … Continue reading “Painting Testimonial Pictures” – Problem Cards and Pataphysics

The “Carrot and Stick” Situational Development Spread

This is a type of decision-making spread that examines the odds of success or failure in any significant change scenario. It requires separating the deck into two stacks, one with only the minor cards and the other with the court and trump cards. The two sets are dealt separately into a "three-plus-three" array with the … Continue reading The “Carrot and Stick” Situational Development Spread

“Reopening America” – A Lenormand Tableau Reading

I used my new 24-card Lenormand tableau (the "Lenormand Lozenge," posted earlier) to ask what the consequences would be of reopening business and recreational venues on a nationwide basis in the United States in the near future. This is the Old Style Lenormand deck. The essence of the reading is shown by the four alphanumeric … Continue reading “Reopening America” – A Lenormand Tableau Reading

A “Missing-Person Vignette” Spread

This spread provides a "short-form" version of my earlier spreads on the subject of "missing-person" cases. It uses a court-card "significator" to represent the absent person that is either specifically selected or carried over from a previous reading in which it appeared. Two decks are required: one to populate the three-card "narrative" row and one … Continue reading A “Missing-Person Vignette” Spread

A “Lenormand Lozenge” Example Reading

I performed this example reading for my "Lenormand Lozenge" 24-card tableau. This is the Blue Owl Lenromand. My question was "What are the implications, complications and risks of staying on my current path?" "Ground Zero" in this spread lies on the "Awareness Horizon" between the four "A" alphanumeric cards; here they are the Cross (A1); … Continue reading A “Lenormand Lozenge” Example Reading

Stepping Back: A “Roll Them Bones” Situational-Awareness Reading

I decided that, as of today, I will be backing off from publicly posting on the status of certain missing-person cases in New Hampshire because of the volatility of the issue, especially if criminal activity is suspected. (I will continue working on "cold cases" and less provocative scenarios.) Although I've been careful about maintaining discretion … Continue reading Stepping Back: A “Roll Them Bones” Situational-Awareness Reading