A Clash of Wills: Trump vs. Mueller

I used my “Enemy at the Gate” vulnerability spread to examine the ongoing confrontation between President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. I chose the Tarot of the Golden Serpent for the Significator and the “quint” cards, and the Star Tarot for the main reading. … Continue reading A Clash of Wills: Trump vs. Mueller

“The Blind Pig and the Acorn” Career Outlook Spread

Although Dukes of Hazzard fans would like to claim it as part of Southern heritage, as would Appalachia, the proverb alluded to in the title was apparently of ancient Roman origin: "Even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while." According to Wikipedia, there is a "related Latin saying that a blind … Continue reading “The Blind Pig and the Acorn” Career Outlook Spread

Cheap Shots (The Final Cut): “Is It Live or Is It Memorex?”

This will be the last installment of my "Cheap Shots" series. My "inner curmudgeon" isn't going anywhere, of course, but I've moved on into more productive (as well as kinder) areas of expression. I've said enough already about my views on current populist tarot culture, and need to chill before the "New Age police" discover … Continue reading Cheap Shots (The Final Cut): “Is It Live or Is It Memorex?”

The “On the Fly” Random Contact Spread

Those who read frequently for others often encounter sitters who are seeking romance, and those readers probably don't have enough fingers and toes (or hairs on their head) to count how many times they've been asked whether an upcoming event (trip, party, night on the town or other gathering of peers) will produce just such … Continue reading The “On the Fly” Random Contact Spread

A “Take No Prisoners” Example Reading

I decided to test my transition spread with a current situation in the State of Vermont. The State's only nuclear power plant, closed since 2014, is under negotiation for sale to a company that claims it can decommission the site much more quickly and cheaply than the present owner (incidentally walking away with several million … Continue reading A “Take No Prisoners” Example Reading

The “Take No Prisoners” Transition Spread

Any major transition, whether corporate, political or sociological, can produce significant upheaval in the "receiving" organization. This is especially unnerving for those on the lower rungs of the pecking order, whose best interests aren't always served by the leadership in these situations. This spread is designed for subordinate members of any group to explore important … Continue reading The “Take No Prisoners” Transition Spread