Where Is Dewey? – A Missing Person Reading

An 84 (or 82, depending on which part of this article you believe) year-old man with dementia has gone missing in Tamworth, NH. https://www.wmur.com/article/search-for-missing-tamworth-man-is-suspended/23164418 I performed my "World of Hurt" missing-person spread to see if I can learn anything about his status; the deck is the Golden Universal. The first King to appear in the … Continue reading Where Is Dewey? – A Missing Person Reading

Tarot 101, My Way – Minor Arcana: The Fives

Five is a number of necessary change, usually experienced as chaotic, coming hard on the heels of the complacent Four. I like to call it a "can-opener" or "nut-cracker" that liberates the stale atmosphere of its predecessor and re-establishes momentum; however, its benefit is often recognized only in hindsight. In action it can feel thoroughly disruptive. I also … Continue reading Tarot 101, My Way – Minor Arcana: The Fives

The Eights and Anxiety

As the result of an ongoing Facebook discussion, I've been solidifying my opinion of the tarot Eights as an expression of anxiety. This appears clearly in two of the RWS cards but is less obvious in the other two. Although I'm not well-versed in it, my understanding is that conventional numerology treats Eight as a "power" number, and in exoteric tarot … Continue reading The Eights and Anxiety

The End (By Any Other Name)

The "outcome" card has been a formal fixture in tarot spreads at least since the time of Arthur Edward Waite, and much earlier in cartomantic practice. The "Gypsy fortune-teller" was expected to deliver an answer, an informative guide to a specific destination and not just an uneventful trip report. Since the 1970s, divination has been crowded into the … Continue reading The End (By Any Other Name)

A “Boxcar Shuffle” Example Reading: Hurricane Florence

My daughter lives in Wilmington, NC, directly in the path of Hurricane Florence as I write this. I applied this spread to examine her situation over the next few days, using the Thoth deck with reversals. The "emerging" story-line reads as follows: The Root of the Matter: Hierophant There is a certain passive indifference about this card based … Continue reading A “Boxcar Shuffle” Example Reading: Hurricane Florence

The “Boxcar Shuffle” Mixed-Media Forecast Spread

Sometimes I get bored just shuffling, cutting and dealing the cards and want something a little more exotic. Here is a spread that starts with six randomly drawn cards laid face-down. A single six-sided die is used to create an "emerging" story-line by selecting the order in which these cards are revealed in each of … Continue reading The “Boxcar Shuffle” Mixed-Media Forecast Spread

The “Monkey in the Middle” Problem Clarification Spread

Every so often we all encounter situations where we're stumped  by the meaning of a particular card in a particular reading. A common practice is to pull more cards to clarify the interpretation, but I prefer to take my cue from A.E. Waite's Pictorial Key to the Tarot and use the problem card as the "Significator" in a new … Continue reading The “Monkey in the Middle” Problem Clarification Spread

Tarot 101, My Way – Minor Arcana: The Fours

The number Four expresses stability that is the result of entrenched inertia rather than the dynamic tension that steadies the Two; it is the initial fulfillment of the promise of the Ace, and presages the final state of completion in the Ten. Pythagoras observed that the power of the Ten lies within the Four because summing the numbers from One to Four (!+2+3+4) produces … Continue reading Tarot 101, My Way – Minor Arcana: The Fours

Tar and Feathers? – Republican Prospects in 2018

It is generally acknowledged on both sides of the political aisle that the Republican Party is facing major disaster potential in the 2018 mid-term elections. I decided to test my new Dilemma Assessment spread on this situation. I selected the Thoth Tower as the focus card ("The Dilemma") and used the RWS Centennial Edition for the reading.   … Continue reading Tar and Feathers? – Republican Prospects in 2018