The “No Guts, No Glory” Risk Analysis Spread

Sometimes you just "gotta do what you gotta do." This simple spread is designed to show the risk and payback potential of any chancy course of action. No detailed guidance is needed, the spread positions are self-explanatory. Either your idea is a good one or it isn't. The "Advice" card is the quintessence derived from … Continue reading The “No Guts, No Glory” Risk Analysis Spread

The Blame Game: Court Cards as People

I haven't been polishing my "curmudgeon cred" much since I ended my "Cheap Shots" series, so here is another crack at it. Late-19th-Century tarot authorities, lacking our psychological and sociological sophistication, almost unanimously considered the court cards to show other people in the querent's life, even going to the extreme of trying to describe their … Continue reading The Blame Game: Court Cards as People

Multiculturalism or Cultural Appropriation?

Yesterday I came across a news article about a young woman who chose a traditional Chinese dress to wear to her high school prom because she appreciated its modesty. She posted a picture on social media and was deluged with howls of protest over such an egregious expression of "cultural appropriation." From where I sit, … Continue reading Multiculturalism or Cultural Appropriation?

The Pentagram of Air Spread

This is the last of my "Invoking Pentagram" spreads. It begins with an emotional urge to clarify one's thinking on a subject of interest (Water); crystallizes that impulse into workable ideas (Air); acts creatively on those thought-forms (Fire);  addresses the ethical and moral implications of such actions (Spirit); and experiences the practical outfall of the … Continue reading The Pentagram of Air Spread