A Crowded House, or Where Do I Put All Those Planets

For those old-timers like me who may wander in here, the title of this post should bring back fond memories of William Conrad's narrated taglines to the animated Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes, which invariably went "Be here next time, when . . . " followed by a tongue-in-cheek pair of amusing but not always obviously … Continue reading A Crowded House, or Where Do I Put All Those Planets

Cheap Shots #19: Dr. Doolittle on Rulerships

While putting together my table of active and passive affinities, I got to thinking about the sometimes schizophrenic relationship between the seven traditional planets and the sign(s) of their rulership. Not that there isn't an internal logic to all of the correspondences (as we shall see),  but some apparent anomalies do crop up. For the … Continue reading Cheap Shots #19: Dr. Doolittle on Rulerships

“Weekly Blueprint” Pull for Thursday

The "action" card for today is the Ace of Wands. As long as I don't fall prey to over-thinking and over-compensating (symbolized by the reversed Art as "background" card), this has the potential to be a lively, on-point day. All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT and M.M. Meleen Art (more commonly known … Continue reading “Weekly Blueprint” Pull for Thursday

The Four Classical Elements

Students of tarot and astrology tend to take for granted the underlying influence of the four classical elements formulated by the Greek philosopher Empedocles - Fire, Water, Air and Earth - on the tarot suits and zodiacal signs. At their simplest, they represent action, initiative, enterprise and ego (Fire); emotions (Water); thoughts and ideas (Air); … Continue reading The Four Classical Elements