April’s Situation: A “Hopscotch” Example Reading

Since there was considerable interest in my post about the missing-person case of April Bailey, I decided to test my "Hopscotch" Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread" on it. I used the Thoth deck for this reading. The first thing that is immediately obvious is that her situation is highly doubtful, with the first three cards reversed … Continue reading April’s Situation: A “Hopscotch” Example Reading

The “Hopscotch” Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread

As is most likely apparent, I enjoy spreads that take unexpected twists and turns at some point in their journey from question to answer. This one uses reversed cards to change the direction of the flow from a typically linear, left-to-right model to a more complex, multi-tiered affair that can descend into situational ambiguity as … Continue reading The “Hopscotch” Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread

High-Focus Cards: An Input/Output Model

Yesterday while performing a reading I was struck by the notion that certain cards  literally stand out from the pack as "high-focus" since they are symbolically replete and subject to little or no modulation in their expression. My immediate examples were the Aces, which are undivided and uncomplicated in behavior and purpose; they make a … Continue reading High-Focus Cards: An Input/Output Model

A Simple Event-Timing Spread

Accurately  foretelling the time-frame for an anticipated event is the second of the "Three Great Challenges" facing any diviner. The primary focus of a predictive reading is obviously "whether" the event is going to happen at all; next comes "if yes, when?" The question of "where" is a distant third, usually overshadowed by secondary considerations … Continue reading A Simple Event-Timing Spread

What Happened to April? – A Missing-Person Reading

A Nashua, NH woman, 36-year-old April Bailey, has been missing since January 15, 2020. https://www.wmur.com/article/woman-reported-missing-by-family-nashua-new-hampshire-police-say/30690449 I ran my "World of Hurt" missing-person spread on this case to see what it might tell me about her status, using the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition without reversals. For a mature woman I normally choose the Queens as general … Continue reading What Happened to April? – A Missing-Person Reading

A “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Example Reading

I performed this spread to project my own circumstances over the next six months, using the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition with reversals. I deliberately chose a scenic deck for its "facing" possibilities, but the spread can be used with non-scenic decks like the Tarot de Marseille by using the odd-or-even directional model mentioned in the … Continue reading A “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Example Reading

The “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Six-Month Life Reading Spread

I have a strong interest in tarot spreads that function on multiple levels, particularly of the "mind/body/spirit" type. This is my second three-tiered spread to explore that territory, this time using "facing" and dispensing with the astrological correspondences. This one is developmental in nature, offering a six-month forecast, rather than a real-time "snapshot." Here is … Continue reading The “Triple-Decker” Mind/Body/ Spirit Six-Month Life Reading Spread