Lunar Month Look-ahead for May-June, 2020

Here is my monthly lunar forecast for May-June of 2020. This spread is designed around astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s eight-phase “lunation cycle,” during which each sub-phase lasts approximately 3.5 days. I used the Moon Phase Calendar website to easily identify the approximate dates of the phase changes. I always use reversals with this spread. The deck … Continue reading Lunar Month Look-ahead for May-June, 2020

A “Motivational Extremes” Example Reading

I performed a reading to test my new "Motivational Extremes" problem-solving approach. The question I asked was how best to cope with the emotional distress caused by the extended societal lock-down and stay-at-home expectations stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. (We haven't been able to see our young grandchildren for a couple of months.) I used … Continue reading A “Motivational Extremes” Example Reading

A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

To test my "Perfect Storm" new-relationship spread, I decided to look at what the complexion of the US Congress will be after the 2020 elections. For the Significator cards, I used the Rorig Tarot (Spanish Edition) with the Caballero (King) de Espadas for the Republican contingent and the Caballero (King) de Copas for the Democrats. … Continue reading A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

Thoughts on Face-to-Face Reading

In this age of instantaneous electronic communication, there are tarot readers who may never experience the stimulation (and, yes, the trepidation) of reading the cards for other people in a face-to-face setting. Usually it's a lack of confidence rather than limited opportunity that keeps them chained to remote situations where they never get to test … Continue reading Thoughts on Face-to-Face Reading

Stepping Back: A “Roll Them Bones” Situational-Awareness Reading

I decided that, as of today, I will be backing off from publicly posting on the status of certain missing-person cases in New Hampshire because of the volatility of the issue, especially if criminal activity is suspected. (I will continue working on "cold cases" and less provocative scenarios.) Although I've been careful about maintaining discretion … Continue reading Stepping Back: A “Roll Them Bones” Situational-Awareness Reading

Should I or Shouldn’t I? – A “Measure of the Moment” Reading

After having spent most of the last month in my house, going nowhere but into the back yard, I've been itching to get into the outdoors and do something active. The governor here has been encouraging it, but so many people are following his advice that the parks and trails are crowded, defeating the purpose … Continue reading Should I or Shouldn’t I? – A “Measure of the Moment” Reading

COVID-19 Peak: A Best-Case/Worst-Case Scenario

With the US government predicting the nationwide impact of the coronavirus pandemic to peak in the next seven to fourteen days, I decided to do a "best-case/worst-case scenario" reading using both the most pessimistic (Night Sun Tarot) and the most optimistic (Chrysalis Tarot) decks I own (if nothing else, the color palette of each tells … Continue reading COVID-19 Peak: A Best-Case/Worst-Case Scenario