The Fool’s Dilemma (or “Reversal to the Rescue”)

That pesky Fool just won't stay put. Modern tarot enthusiast are accustomed to seeing it  at the head of the trump-card cycle as the null, Zero, but it hasn't always been that way. In decks that predated the esoteric tinkering of the 19th-Century "Occult Revival," the Fool usually remained unnumbered to permit its use as … Continue reading The Fool’s Dilemma (or “Reversal to the Rescue”)

Donald Trump’s “Quintessence” Profile

These days everyone is a pop psychologist. In the minds of the culturally over-stimulated, every egotistical high-achiever who exhibits the slightest lack of empathy is labeled a "narcissist," and any borderline misfit who ever harbors a dark thought is automatically branded a "sociopath." The fact that few of these assumptions would satisfy the medical definition … Continue reading Donald Trump’s “Quintessence” Profile

An Elemental Dignity “Short Form” Example Reading

As I've mentioned before (I know, more than once!), we moved into a newly-constructed home last December and are now working (well, struggling) to get a lawn going. But the tide seems to be turning (I refuse to succumb to that old Bobby Fuller lament, "I fought the lawn and the lawn won"), and now … Continue reading An Elemental Dignity “Short Form” Example Reading

The “No BS” Deck’s Agenda Spread

Every once in a while (and without a doubt more often than we would like), a reading begs the question "I know what was asked, but what does the seeker really want?" And the cards proceed to impose their own agenda on the story to the bemusement and  bafflement of both reader and querent. Grappling with this situation can test the … Continue reading The “No BS” Deck’s Agenda Spread

The “Dire Straits” Dilemma Assessment Spread

One of the thorniest questions facing a diviner is whether or not it is prudent and ethical to attempt predicting events or situations that could have a major adverse impact on the life of a person or other entity. The wiser heads among us almost unanimously advise against making forecasts that involve death or diagnosis of serious illness, … Continue reading The “Dire Straits” Dilemma Assessment Spread

The “Measure of the Moment” Spread

Although this decision-making spread looks complicated, it is more so in its derivation than in its interpretation. At its simplest, it consists of four main elemental cards, each flanked by two modifiers, that represent active agents expressing the thrust of the energies in the matter of the reading. The title refers to the confluence of those energies … Continue reading The “Measure of the Moment” Spread