A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

To test my "Perfect Storm" new-relationship spread, I decided to look at what the complexion of the US Congress will be after the 2020 elections. For the Significator cards, I used the Rorig Tarot (Spanish Edition) with the Caballero (King) de Espadas for the Republican contingent and the Caballero (King) de Copas for the Democrats. … Continue reading A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

Bern or Heartburn? A Democratic Dilemma

UPDATE: It's interesting that the more moderate "also-rans" (Buttigieg and Klobuchar) are apparently being pushed by the Democratic Party machine into toeing the line by backing out of the race and throwing their weight toward Biden as a way to stymie Sanders and avoid a bloody fight on the Convention floor. Original Post: On the … Continue reading Bern or Heartburn? A Democratic Dilemma

Dark Horse Rising? – A “Stirring the Pot” Example Reading

As the subject of my test case for this spread, I chose the campaign of Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic Presidential nomination. As a "small-government" Libertarian sympathizer, I have no use for career politicians of any persuasion, Democrat or Republican (and particularly not Religious Right or Socialist), but I will at least listen to those … Continue reading Dark Horse Rising? – A “Stirring the Pot” Example Reading