Lenormand Lost & Found

I have been working with the “location” guidance in astrologer John Frawley's Horary Textbook to come up with similar attributes for the cards of the Lenormand deck to be used in “lost object” readings. The following ideas are provisional and subject to change as I develop them further; because this is unmapped territory, in many cases I'm going with … Continue reading Lenormand Lost & Found

Who Killed Carrie? – A “Whodunit” Example Reading

This is the first use of the "Rogue's Gallery" spread I posted earlier today. Fourteen-year-old Carrie Moss was found murdered in New Boston, NH in 1989; no charges have ever been filed in her death. I used the RWS Centennial Edition deck in this reading. http://www.wmur.com/article/new-hampshire-unsolved-case-file-carrie-moss/22551101 In this instance, the Ace of Swords turned up … Continue reading Who Killed Carrie? – A “Whodunit” Example Reading

Hit the Road, Jack: The “World of Hurt” Missing-Person Spread

UPDATE: This spread has been modified to give a better idea of the subject's condition, both at the time of the reading and the time pf discovery. In working with and discussing my current missing-person spread (the "Train to Nowhere"), I came to the conclusion that, while it offers considerable finely-tuned detail regarding the possible … Continue reading Hit the Road, Jack: The “World of Hurt” Missing-Person Spread

The Pentagram of Air Spread

This is the last of my "Invoking Pentagram" spreads. It begins with an emotional urge to clarify one's thinking on a subject of interest (Water); crystallizes that impulse into workable ideas (Air); acts creatively on those thought-forms (Fire);  addresses the ethical and moral implications of such actions (Spirit); and experiences the practical outfall of the … Continue reading The Pentagram of Air Spread