The Knights’ Crossing: A Lenormand Experiment

One of the challenges with small Lenormand spreads when using a subject-matter "topic" card - Tree for health, Fish for money, Heart for romance, House for domestic affairs, Ship for travel, etc. - is that the assigned card may not appear in the layout at all if it isn't pre-positioned. This isn't a problem with … Continue reading The Knights’ Crossing: A Lenormand Experiment

The Heloise Lenormand “Attitude Check”

I just received Lynn Boyle's Heloise Lenormand from Australia and I'm definitely impressed. The deck is designed around a stained-glass-window motif, and the images are crystal-clear and instantly recognizable. There are five extra cards in the plain white box: the now customary second Man and Woman as well as an extra Tree, Tower and Heart. … Continue reading The Heloise Lenormand “Attitude Check”

The Rana George Lenormand “Attitude Check”

Not long ago I bought the Rana George Lenormand deck. I had taken it off my wish-list as being of only middling interest, but you know what happens when commercial availability and consumer vulnerability converge. Although its artwork is nowhere near as dazzling as Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Reverie Lenormand, I place it in the same … Continue reading The Rana George Lenormand “Attitude Check”

Grand Tableau a la Carte

The conventional wisdom among Lenormand mentors who coach beginners in the art of reading is that, after learning the card meanings and memorizing their numbered positions in the 36-card series, neophytes should start their practice with three-card lines, move on to five and seven card draws, then to the nine-card square, and finally to the Grand Tableau, … Continue reading Grand Tableau a la Carte

Lenormand Lost & Found

I have been working with the “location” guidance in astrologer John Frawley's Horary Textbook to come up with similar attributes for the cards of the Lenormand deck to be used in “lost object” readings. The following ideas are provisional and subject to change as I develop them further; because this is unmapped territory, in many cases I'm going with … Continue reading Lenormand Lost & Found

The Quadrants, the Cognitive Horizon and the Meridian of Becoming

My readers will be forgiven for assuming from the title that this is an astrological article. In fact, it is a discussion of a few of the techniques I use to navigate the landscape of a Lenormand Grand Tableau. This isn't entirely my own work; it is based on the methods described by Andy Boroveshengra … Continue reading The Quadrants, the Cognitive Horizon and the Meridian of Becoming