Dump That Trump? (Volume 2)

It's been a year-and-a-half since my last Grand Tableau reading on the fortunes of United States President Donald Trump, so I decided to perform an update on the subject. This time I did something a little different: there is a technique by which tarot cards are merged with Lenormand cards to provide a kind of "circumstantial background" for the Lenormand … Continue reading Dump That Trump? (Volume 2)

Example #2: Lenormand Deck “Attitude Check”

Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Reverie Lenormand has been my go-to deck since I first started studying that system of divination in 2013, but I've been less enamored of it lately. So I decided that I would bring it to my Lenormand "attitude check" spread to see what that might tell me. The Significator once again turned … Continue reading Example #2: Lenormand Deck “Attitude Check”

Example Reading: New Lenormand Deck “Attitude Check”

The Golden Lenormand Oracle is my newest Lenormand deck, so I thought I would run it through my new "attitude check" spread. This deck has caught some flack from traditionalists (even though it's just a dressed-up Blue Owl) because of its gold-foil "bling" and its much-larger-than-average size. I've read with it a bit and the … Continue reading Example Reading: New Lenormand Deck “Attitude Check”