The Old Style Lenormand “Attitude Check”

I recently acquired the Old Style Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards and ran the deck through my "New Lenormand Deck Attitude Check." This is my Lenormand version of a "deck interview" reading, in which I let the cards tell me their intentions. I'm usually not one to ascribe unique "personality" to decks since I think what … Continue reading The Old Style Lenormand “Attitude Check”

“I Yam What I Yam . . .”

". . . and dat's all what I yam!" (In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man.) I came across a neat bit of wisdom on Andy Boroveshengra's blog Fortuna's Picturebook that I'm going to borrow for the theme of this post: "Cards are never something else before they are themselves." Andy was … Continue reading “I Yam What I Yam . . .”

Lenormand Crossovers: Breaking the Chain

For the tarot enthusiast aspiring to master Lenormand reading, there are several cards common to both systems that stubbornly resist shedding their tarot trappings during the transition. Interestingly, they all appear in sequence in the tarot: the Tower (XVI), the Star (XVII), the Moon (XVIII) and the Sun. (XIX).  Since their Lenormand counterparts, at least by title, … Continue reading Lenormand Crossovers: Breaking the Chain

Grand Tableau a la Carte

The conventional wisdom among Lenormand mentors who coach beginners in the art of reading is that, after learning the card meanings and memorizing their numbered positions in the 36-card series, neophytes should start their practice with three-card lines, move on to five and seven card draws, then to the nine-card square, and finally to the Grand Tableau, … Continue reading Grand Tableau a la Carte

When “Bad Is Bad”

Although I'm a newly-minted traditionalist in the Lenormand system of divination, having been involved only since 2012, it strikes me that the tradition has been  undergoing a gradual degenerative decline (or maybe an insidious "dilution" is a more apt word for it) that probably isn't entirely reversible. Converts from the more fluid/squishy realm of tarot wander in and set about rearranging … Continue reading When “Bad Is Bad”