The Old Style Lenormand “Attitude Check”

I recently acquired the Old Style Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards and ran the deck through my "New Lenormand Deck Attitude Check." This is my Lenormand version of a "deck interview" reading, in which I let the cards tell me their intentions. I'm usually not one to ascribe unique "personality" to decks since I think what … Continue reading The Old Style Lenormand “Attitude Check”

The Heloise Lenormand “Attitude Check”

I just received Lynn Boyle's Heloise Lenormand from Australia and I'm definitely impressed. The deck is designed around a stained-glass-window motif, and the images are crystal-clear and instantly recognizable. There are five extra cards in the plain white box: the now customary second Man and Woman as well as an extra Tree, Tower and Heart. … Continue reading The Heloise Lenormand “Attitude Check”

The Rana George Lenormand “Attitude Check”

Not long ago I bought the Rana George Lenormand deck. I had taken it off my wish-list as being of only middling interest, but you know what happens when commercial availability and consumer vulnerability converge. Although its artwork is nowhere near as dazzling as Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Reverie Lenormand, I place it in the same … Continue reading The Rana George Lenormand “Attitude Check”