Health & Happiness: A Knee-Injury Reading

For the last six weeks I've been suffering from a moderately debilitating knee injury. As near as I can tell from my research, it seems to be patellar tendonitis, perhaps bordering on tendonopathy. I've struggled with it from time to time while skiing and jogging over the last fifteen years, occasionally experiencing sharp pain right … Continue reading Health & Happiness: A Knee-Injury Reading

The “Measure of a Man” Personality Profile Spread

Back in my early 20's, before I discovered Monty Python, I was a big fan of the Bonzo Dog Band, the British "novelty" act headed by the brilliant eccentric Vivien Stanshall. They were fond of sticking an occasional non-sequitur into the middle of their album tracks. In one, a band member piped up with "And … Continue reading The “Measure of a Man” Personality Profile Spread

“Look, Ma . . . No Hands!” (A Five-Card Experiment)

I decided to put my somewhat feeble line reading skills to a test in two different ways, asking the same question of two decks and using a pre-positioned topic card in one of the spreads. I used the Blue Owl for the unstructured line and the Piatnik for the pre-arranged one. The question was "What is … Continue reading “Look, Ma . . . No Hands!” (A Five-Card Experiment)

The “Flying Leap” Illness and Injury Risk Assessment Spread

Back in the '50s when people were marginally more genteel, there was an expression of disdainful dismissal that went "Go take a flying leap" (typically off a tall building), the objective being that the miscreant would not return. Where in the '70s we might have said "Go s**t in your hat" and today we get … Continue reading The “Flying Leap” Illness and Injury Risk Assessment Spread

“What’s Up, Doc?” – A Whole-Health Profile Spread

I knew I'd get around to using Bugs Bunny's signature greeting sooner or later! The accepted wisdom among diviners is that, unless one is properly trained and licensed (not to mention insured) to do so, it is prudent to stay far away from attempting to answer questions about medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Sound advice … Continue reading “What’s Up, Doc?” – A Whole-Health Profile Spread

The “Aces High” Motivational Outlook Spread

This spread looks at fulfillment potential in each of four sets of circumstances: Actions (Fire), Emotions (Water), Ideas (Air) and Sensations (Earth). The Aces of Wands (Doing), Cups (Feeling), Swords (Thinking) and Pentacles (Being) are placed in advance at the head of their elemental columns as the "root" energy for that particular manifestation. Aces High … Continue reading The “Aces High” Motivational Outlook Spread

The “Celestial Mirror” Hopes and Fears Spread

My favorite tarot spread, the Celtic Cross - in any of its incarnations - has always dealt unconvincingly with the subject of the querent's hopes and fears. Rolling both of them together into one position, as Waite did in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, was a head-scratcher because you never knew whether you had … Continue reading The “Celestial Mirror” Hopes and Fears Spread