Symbolic Triptych: A Past/Present/Future Life-Reading Snapshot

This spread is an oddity for me in that it only has three cards. But I wanted to play around with geometric symbolism and someone asked me for a small-spread recommendation. The square represents stability in past circumstances (even if only in the sense that they aren't going to change) and perfectly symbolizes the "Foundation" … Continue reading Symbolic Triptych: A Past/Present/Future Life-Reading Snapshot

The “Tale of Two Arcs” Business Dynamic Spread

I enjoy playing with 3D effects in spreads. Sometimes I use layered positions to obtain that perspective, but here I'm opting for visual card size to show rising and falling developments in two contrasting arcs, one that peaks in the middle and the other that hits a mid-cycle trough. Any start-up business venture faces a … Continue reading The “Tale of Two Arcs” Business Dynamic Spread

The “Round It Goes” Decision-Making Spread

There has been some on-line discussion lately about the Random Number Generators that tarot software apps use to select the cards for a reading. I was resistant to the idea for a long time because it seemed too disconnected from the tactile "feel" of the cards to produce valid results. But eventually I realized that … Continue reading The “Round It Goes” Decision-Making Spread

Where Is Mike? – A Missing-Person Follow-up

In early May I did a pair of missing-person readings to explore the whereabouts and condition of Mike McCain, a 29-year-old Manchester, NH man. I was recently advised that Mike has now been missing for three months, and was asked whether it's possible to determine his approximate location. I have a spread that uses … Continue reading Where Is Mike? – A Missing-Person Follow-up

Rare, Medium or Well-Done: A Timing-Card Experiment

Having made a stab at identifying specific "yes, no or maybe" cards, I decided to try my hand at assigning "fast, slow or moderate" speediness to all of the tarot cards for use in answering timing questions. Although practical success with it has proven spotty, the general consensus is that Fire cards are the most … Continue reading Rare, Medium or Well-Done: A Timing-Card Experiment

The “Light-and-Shadow” Decision-Making Spread

The "Holy Grail" of decision-making advice is the simple, straightforward "yes-or-no" answer: "Should I or shouldn't I? Will she or won't she? Is it or isn't it?" There are numerous short spreads that strive for this goal; this isn't one of them. It recognizes that every sunny street has a shady side, and a ray … Continue reading The “Light-and-Shadow” Decision-Making Spread

The “Speed-Bump and Pothole” Decision-Making Spread

In New England, one of the "Rites of Spring" when driving is the emergence of frost-heaves and potholes in the roadways, forcing us to slow down and steer a devious course around them. Here is a simple (at least for me) decision-making spread that acknowledges the fact that any course of action can be fraught … Continue reading The “Speed-Bump and Pothole” Decision-Making Spread