National Football Conference Championship: Saints vs. Rams

Update: The NFC championship game is over and the Rams won. The two things about this reading that were accurate were that the decision did come down to the final seconds, and the Rams did reassert themselves at the 11th hour by forcing a sudden-death overtime. Interestingly, my prediction for the Chiefs-Patriots game hints that … Continue reading National Football Conference Championship: Saints vs. Rams

American Football Conference Championship: Chiefs vs. Patriots

Update: Well, now, as sportscaster Howard Cosell used to say in his trademark nasal whine, "How about that!" It turns out that Death reversed did in fact signify a sudden-death overtime, and the Chief's Hierophant reversed did mean they "didn't have a prayer." My scoring projection was on the low side but the overall complexion … Continue reading American Football Conference Championship: Chiefs vs. Patriots

The “Parallel Universe” Dual-Timeline Spread

I've been reading Caitlin Matthews' new book, Untold Tarot, and came across an idea that I've seen before and even applied once in a slightly different way, but it inspired me to reconsider and approach it from a fresh perspective. She takes a trump card (her example was the Moon) and draws a single card to place … Continue reading The “Parallel Universe” Dual-Timeline Spread

The Peaks-and-Valleys Project Management Spread

Whenever I'm at a loss for subject matter to inspire a new tarot spread, I often fall back on the topic of project management, a combined form of decision-making and problem-solving. Nearly everyone has been involved in creative projects of one kind or another, whether at work, at home or in social group settings. Every … Continue reading The Peaks-and-Valleys Project Management Spread

Reading Without Borders

I admit to enjoying the challenge and satisfaction of reading cards in a completely open-ended fashion (not exactly in a vacuum; let's call it a "rarefied atmosphere"). Like Google, the cards "know everything." Approached properly (that is, with sensitivity and diligence), they will invariably speak the truth in one form or another, although not always … Continue reading Reading Without Borders