“You Want Fries With That?”

Another day, another new topic. I haven't quite reached the point of the weary "time to make the donuts" drudge from the old Dunkin Donuts commercials yet, but sometimes I wonder. Professional wisdom for blog management is that those who post something 11 times a month receive more viewer traffic (and potentially more advertisers). I'm not in … Continue reading “You Want Fries With That?”

Cheap Shots (The Final Cut): “Is It Live or Is It Memorex?”

This will be the last installment of my "Cheap Shots" series. My "inner curmudgeon" isn't going anywhere, of course, but I've moved on into more productive (as well as kinder) areas of expression. I've said enough already about my views on current populist tarot culture, and need to chill before the "New Age police" discover … Continue reading Cheap Shots (The Final Cut): “Is It Live or Is It Memorex?”

Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity

I sometimes wonder how those of us who practice divination - especially those for whom "faith" is not the normal mode of approach to all things spiritual - reconcile what we believe to be true about our pursuits and what we're able to confirm as truth. The gap (the "disparity" of the title) between what … Continue reading Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity

Cheap Shots #28: Prediction vs. Divination

We've been having a spirited and occasionally contentious debate on one of the forums I frequent regarding the difference between divination and prediction (if there even is one), and which approach is most suitable for work with the tarot. A side issue is whether the proper role of a reader in discussing difficult cards is … Continue reading Cheap Shots #28: Prediction vs. Divination

Cheap Shots #27: “You Say Toe-mah-toe . . .”

Sometimes I think American hubris knows no bounds (as an American, I can say that). Consider the matter of pronunciation. The British know that Americans don't talk right, and so do the French. Like many Americans, I had four years of high-school French, and I still remember the basics of proper pronunciation. For example, I … Continue reading Cheap Shots #27: “You Say Toe-mah-toe . . .”

Cheap Shots #26: The Slippery Slope

One thing that can be said with certainty about divination  is that predicting the future in a "yes-or-no" fashion using any of the currently popular methods of inquiry is at best a 50-50 proposition: one percentage point either way spells the difference between success and failure. In short, despite our fascination with the details of the … Continue reading Cheap Shots #26: The Slippery Slope

Cheap Shots #25: “If Wishes Were Horses . . .”

A philosophy professor of mine who was also a Protestant minister (and, for what it's worth, a heart transplant survivor – the very definition of “ on a wing and a prayer”), once told our class that, according to Pascal's Wager, “It's safer to believe in a God even if there isn't one, than to … Continue reading Cheap Shots #25: “If Wishes Were Horses . . .”

“Cheap Shots” #24: A Herd By Any Other Name

Preponderance: A fancy word that simply means "lots more of one thing than another." A herd of mostly-brown horses. The consensus among my tarot forum-mates is split as to whether it's best to look for dominant "signatures" in a reading first - for example, many more cards of one suit, number, rank or orientation than … Continue reading “Cheap Shots” #24: A Herd By Any Other Name