Mike’s Moment? An Impressionistic Follow-up

I have been asked to consider whether additional information regarding the whereabouts of missing Manchester, NH man Mike McClain might be obtained from another reading. I don't like to keep asking the same question repeatedly when no further information about the case has been forthcoming from official channels, but I just experimented with a similar … Continue reading Mike’s Moment? An Impressionistic Follow-up

Archetype, Archetype, Who’s Got the Archetype?

It appears from the on-line conversations I've been following that there are two distinct chains of archetypal descent in the tarot. One of them  - the older one - is culturally-specific, symbolizing conventions that were widely understood and accepted during the pre-Enlightenment era when they were first captured in the trump cards. Their appeal to … Continue reading Archetype, Archetype, Who’s Got the Archetype?