The “Boy-Meets-Girl” RWS Storyboard

The "boy-meets-girl" fairy-tale is one of the oldest (and perhaps now most irrelevant) cliches in the annals of romantic storytelling. It struck me that the RWS suit of Cups offers an almost pitch-perfect "storyboard" for the ups-and-downs often associated with these narratives, with a few added wrinkles to make it interesting. In this essay I … Continue reading The “Boy-Meets-Girl” RWS Storyboard

My Thoth Material: Of Gold and Gorillas

I've long considered the Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris to be the "gold standard" and the "300-pound gorilla" of the tarot world, and my blog is graced (or littered, depending on your level of tolerance for Crowley) with numerous dedicated posts and incidental references to it. I decided to create a category … Continue reading My Thoth Material: Of Gold and Gorillas

A Missing-Person Update: Brandon

I originally analyzed the disappearance of 20-year-o;d Brandon Chicklis in June, and noted that it didn't appear he was buried (he wasn't) but that he might be drowned (he wasn't that either). His body was later found on the side of a road in New Hampshire. But this case continues to get more interesting, … Continue reading A Missing-Person Update: Brandon

Tarot de Marseille: Built for Comfort, Not for Speed

"Some folk rip and roar, some folk b'lieve in signs But if you want me, you got to take your time Because I'm built for comfort, I ain't built for speed" Built for Comfort (Willie Dixon/Howling Wolf) There is something (well, actually 40 "somethings") about the Tarot de Marseill that eludes a facile approach to … Continue reading Tarot de Marseille: Built for Comfort, Not for Speed

The “Tower Moment”

There occasionally comes a time for many of us (hopefully not often) when our personal "house of cards" topples to the ground and hope temporarily vanishes, eclipsed by despair. West Coast blues master Charles Brown once memorialized the aftermath of this traumatic scenario in the dirge-like tune "Black Night." Tarot has a card that … Continue reading The “Tower Moment”