Carpe Momentum!

Recently, on the Tarot Professionals Facebook page, Marcus Katz mentioned the aphorism “The oracular moment is sacrosanct.” This got me thinking about the instant in time when each tarot card is randomly drawn from the deck to populate a spread. These linked cards are imprinted with the subtle influences inherent in that temporal interval, whether or not we are able to discern them; think of it as a concatenation or convergence of spontaneous impressions that are woven together by the diviner’s art. I’ve described divination as offering a window into the querent’s future circumstances “as augured by that particular moment in time.” In most cases, that instant is singularly unremarkable since, as the querent sits expectantly across the table, there is nothing especially urgent going on in the cosmic sphere that is likely to produce exceptional enlightenment, although it can always be considered unique in its import. Nonetheless, for the best result it is crucial to “seize the moment” to the fullest and give it your utmost attention.

However, if there is in fact a momentous event underway at the time of the draw, there is every reason to expect that it will have an impact on the mystical undercurrents in the reading. For example, the Full Moon and New Moon are two significant celestial occurrences that can flood the channel by which we receive our insights; these are especially sensitive periods if they involve an eclipse. The fact of a retrograde Mercury, which usually signifies miscommunication or misunderstanding, might only mean  “communication of a different kind” in divination terms. (Despite popular belief, it isn’t an “all-purpose malefic” in a personal way, nor is any other adverse transiting “sky-pattern” that has no intimate link to your natal horoscope),  When that combines with a lunar eclipse (as it will tonight), a more fluidly impressionistic mode of discourse beckons as the normal flow of emotional and intellectual self-expression slows. Especially during the eclipse, the more furtive denizens of the astral regions may be emboldened by the occluded light and briefly “come out to play;” Lewis Carroll seemed to grasp this well in the vivid refrain of The Jabberwocky. It may be the closest one can come to the Astral Plane without formally engaging in “scrying in the astral vision.” A heady time to be a diviner, and one must not be easily beguiled.

Even knowing a client’s zodiacal Sun placement can offer opportunities to find connections between the moment and the individual’s private reality as shown in the cards. This situation is much akin to the casting of a horary astrology chart, in which the exact instant that the astrologer fully comprehends the querent’s inquiry becomes the time for which the calculation is made. That critical instant forms the entire basis for the prediction. The same is true for any system of divination, in which the act of prognostication should be the subject of solemn concentration that honors the sanctity of the “oracular moment.”

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