The 3-Card “Twist” Advice Spread

I’m intrigued by surprise endings in tarot readings, which I usually achieve through face-down “hidden” cards. But here is a spread that uses the successive “facing” of the randomly-drawn cards to offer the possibility of a “twist” or emphatic bend in the flow of the narrative. This spread requires the use of reversals to populate all possible scenarios. Appearances can be deceiving; this looks like a 12-card layout, but it actually produces a three-card reading using a defined selection methodology. As far as reading it, the occult attributes of the cardinal compass points can be brought to bear: Above is Fire/South, Below is North/Earth; Left is East/Air and Right is West/Water. A leftward flow of the cards from Card #1 shows that a detached, contemplative orientation to the matter is recommended, a rightward flow advises discretion and compassion, an upward flow denotes enthusiasm and ambition and a downward flow imparts a pragmatic and methodical gravity. The diagonal or “ordinal” directions blend those propensities.

3-Card Twist Spread

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