A “Good Days/Bad Days” Weekly Forecast Example Reading

To test the spread I posted yesterday, here is my weekly forecast for the seven-day period beginning June 1, 2020. I used the RWS Centennial pocket edition, with reversals.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

Monday and Sunday look like days of opportunity in practical (Ace of Pentacles) and intellectual (Ace of Swords) pursuits. I’m going trout fishing with my brother on Monday and the Ace of Pentacles could be a good omen.

Court cards are neutral, and the Page of Swords on Tuesday suggests that “thinking” rather than “doing” will keep me out of trouble. The posture of the Page hints that I should be mindful of finishing something I started.

On Wednesday, the 3 of Wands reversed implies that something I’ve been waiting for won’t arrive on schedule, but it will be an inconvenience rather than a show-stopper.

The 10 of Wands reversed on Thursday makes me think the minor lower-back injury I suffered in a fall on Friday may come back to haunt me, but only in a wearisome, nagging way.

The Knight of Swords reversed on Friday indicates that I may prudently have to refrain from too much activity, but there is nothing to stop me from taking it easy.

The Tower might simply be saying that there will be severe thunderstorms on  Saturday; we desperately need rain here, so there could be a “silver lining” in this event. Looks like a good day to stay indoors. On the other hand, if Alejandro Jodorowsky is to be believed, the Tower could represent a sudden (and insistent) epiphany that leads to a more thoughtful realization on Sunday. I won’t go so far as to quote his “What shall I celebrate today?” opinion of this card, but it may be portraying the most important moment of the week.

On Sunday, I may have a “bright idea” courtesy of the Ace of Swords.

All-in-all, the week ahead doesn’t look too stressful as long as a tree doesn’t fall on me next Saturday.

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