A “Lenormand Lozenge” Example Reading

I performed this example reading for my “Lenormand Lozenge” 24-card tableau. This is the Blue Owl Lenromand. My question was “What are the implications, complications and risks of staying on my current path?”

All images © Konigsfurt-Urania

“Ground Zero” in this spread lies on the “Awareness Horizon” between the four “A” alphanumeric cards; here they are the Cross (A1); the High Tower (A2); the Whip (A3); and the Snake (A4). As we all know at this point, the “burden” (Cross) of isolation (High Tower) weighs heavily in everything we do, and the impression I’m getting is that I may be a “sitting duck” for the Whip and the Snake if I don’t react appropriately. The Whip looks like a goad pushing me forward while the Snake (backed up by the Fox) presents a complicated and dubious outlook for my home life (House). That push had well-founded optimism (Anchor+Clover) behind it but it is confronting a doubtful future (Snake+Fox) that may be more a product of my anxiety than an external reality. The horizontal axis suggests that I’m navigating between a conscious perception of the minimal risks involved and a subconscious premonition of their possible severity.

The 8-card “middle diamond” begins with a written proposal (shown by the Letter above) made by the Lady (Position B1; note that this is a professional matter, not a romantic one) involving an agreement (Ring) regarding some potentially underhanded activities (Fox). My offer of help (Bouquet) using my divination skills gave her hope (Stars) but there is trouble lurking in the background (Clouds), and only a little luck (Clover) will preserve our working relationship (Moon).

The 12-card “outer diamond” was kicked off by the Letter (Position C1) via email. However, the Child followed by the Coffin suggests that the initiative will be cut short as I will have to make a decision (Crossroads) between protecting the “home front” (House) from the nefarious attentions of the Fox and continuing to provide encouraging insights (Rider followed by Heart). The Scythe next advises curtailing my helpful activities in the interest of ensuring (Anchor) my collateral (Garden) well-being (Tree). The Mountain at the end brings things to a grinding halt.

The vertical access shows that written communication (actually e-mails described by the Letter) with a woman (Lady) gives her hope (Stars) for a happy outcome (Heart), all of this reinforced by Letter mirroring Heart and Lady mirroring Stars.  However the “offer” that was made (Bouquet) and the resulting “contract” (Ring) bracket the Snake above and below, suggesting a devious course ahead, while the Coffin and the Crossroads clutching the Fox advise shutting down (Coffin) further exploration (Crossroads) in the interest of avoiding unpleasantness (Fox). The House knighting to the Ring and the Bouquet indicate keeping things at “arm’s length” while the Fox knighting to the Child and the Rider implies that the purity of my message (Child mirroring Rider) may be misconstrued (Fox), such that my “offer” (Bouquet) needs to be terminated (Bouquet knighting to Coffin).

Other than the implications of the Whip, the “past” side of the reading is slightly less urgent. It is worth noting that the Clover knights to the Scythe and the Mountain, giving the impression that sheer luck (Clover) won’t suffice to overcome resistance (Mountain) and the threat of harsh consequences (Scythe) in this scenario (Scythe mirrors Mountain). The Moon and the Clouds bracket the Whip, showing that continuing to push my agenda (Whip) may compromise my public standing (Moon mirrors Clouds and knights to Garden), while Clouds knighting to Tree from the “unconscious” quadrant poses a question about its impact on my mental health. Garden (public engagement) knighting to Moon (the work I’ve been doing) and mirroring Crossroads (the path I’ve been on) reflect that my outreach (Garden) has always been honest and honorable.

While knighting opportunities are limited in this layout, there is a wealth of interesting mirroring events. The Fox mirrors the Mountain and the Scythe “on the diagonal,” suggesting the sneaky methods the Fox may employ to throttle my fortunes (Fox also mirrors Clover). The Lady mirrors the Clover and the Fox, indicating that her small gains may also be undermined by these developments. One the other hand, Clover mirroring Child and Rider reveal that modest luck (Clover) has already taken me a good distance in my initiative (Child) to impart my insights (Rider). Anchor mirroring House gives me the idea that as long as I’m wary of the Snake and the Fox,  the security and stability of my home aren’t going to be shaken; but Anchor also mirrors Mountain and Scythe and knights to Clouds, showing other potential challenges to my foundation. Overall, this is a sobering and cautionary reading, and I should heed its guidance.

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