COVID-19 “Health & Wellness” Reading

Since it appears that we will be avoiding public contact until sometime in May due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I would do a “health and wellness” reading to see what this means for my personal state of physical and mental fitness. I used my “All Well and Good, But . . .” spread with the Chrysalis Tarot, and didn’t apply reversals.

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Position #1: State of Well-Being (Moon/You At Present) – Queen of Spirals (Wands), The Muse

In this deck the Queen of Wands is a card of nurturing; traditionally it is one of unalloyed self-interest. As an indicator of my present condition, it suggests that there are no pressing concerns in this area since I have been actively pursuing sound health-maintenance practices.

Position #2: Impetus for Change (Mercury/What’s Next?) – Divine Child (Hierophant)

This card portrays conservatism rather than an urge to change. It is a card of conventional wisdom (in this case public health guidelines) that advises caution and security-consciousness in all things. As an expression of Taurus, it argues for staying home and hunkering down.

Position #3: Best Possible Result (Jupiter/What You Need) – Phoenix (Judgment)

The phoenix is a symbol of resurrection and renewal, so the best possible outcome will be to emerge unscathed at the other end of this crisis. It is a card of elemental Fire that is in tune with Jupiterian benevolence.

Position #4: Underlying or Hidden Issues (Saturn/What You’ve Learned) – Psyche (World)

Here is the card associated with Saturn in the “Saturn” position of the spread. There is a reinforcement of the need for wise management of my situation as already identified in the Hierophant. The title “Psyche” conveys mental health considerations, suggesting that my mood may darken over time, which is something I must guard against.

Position #5: Most Likely Outcome (Venus/What You’ll Get) – Green Man (Emperor)

This looks like robust self-perpetuation to me. I don’t see any weakness or vulnerability in this card beyond perhaps being too pushy about jumping back into the public arena. But there is enough wisdom on tap in the rest of the scenario to prevent that happening.

Position #6: Unexpected Setbacks (Mars/What’s Wrong?) – King of Mirrors (Cups), The Sojourner

It’s possible that I could become lazy and overweight due to the inactivity inherent in staying at home, especially when the weather discourages yard-work.

Position #7: Consequences (Sun/Where You End Up) – Story Teller (Hermit)

This Virgo-related card advises that isolation is the best policy for preserving the status quo implicit in the Hierophant and the World. As the first “Bert & I” record of Maine humor admonished “Don’cha move a goddam inch.” Its title is saying that I will “live to tell the tale.”

It’s particularly interesting that all of the cards on the left side of this layout correspond to elemental Fire, indicative of vigor, while the cards on the right side as well as the “outcome” card invoke elemental Earth and Water, suggesting calm and prudent self-control. Also, four of these cards appeared in the “best-case scenario for staying home” of the COVID-19 reading I did a couple of days ago (and I did shuffle thoroughly). The message is loud and clear!

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