Lunar Month Look-Ahead for March-April 2020

On every New Moon I try to remember to do my Lunar Month Look-Ahead spread for the upcoming 28-day period, and the March New Moon occurred today, March 24. With what has been going on in the world, it seemed like an especially good month to do one. This time I brought out the Anna K Tarot (without trump cards) because it’s “earthy” enough to be used for this decidedly pagan observance. I built this spread around astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s eight-phase “lunation cycle,” during which each sub-phase lasts approximately 3.5 days. I used the Moon Phase Calendar website to easily identify the approximate dates of the phase changes. I always use reversals with this spread.

All images copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, MN

New Moon to Waxing Crescent (0%-25% Visible): March 24-29
Waxing Crescent to First Quarter (25%-50% Visible: March 29-April 1
First Quarter to Gibbous (50%-75% Visible): April 1-April 4
Gibbous to Full Moon (75%-100% Visible): April 4-April 7
Full Moon to Disseminating (100%-75% Visible): April 7-April 11
Disseminating to Last Quarter (75%-50% Visible): April 11-14
Last Quarter to Balsamic (50%-25% Visible): April 14-April 17
Balsamic to New Moon (25%-0% Visible): April 17-April 22

9 of Cups: I think this card is lying to me. It shows a gathering of people yucking it up at a week-end party during a time when everyone is being told to stay home and keep our distance. But if I think of it in terms of Pamela Colman Smith’s image, I see a man sitting calmly and steadfastly in front of his cups as if to protect them. Since we aren’t going anywhere and will have no visitors, I might see this card as showing jubilation that we are, like General Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove, successfully preserving our “precious bodily fluids” against contamination.

2 of Rods (Wands): This card is a more appropriate expression than the RWS version since it suggests hesitation over whether to go out and where to go (and, more importantly, where not to go) if I do. I like the “crossroads” imagery.

Queen of Pentacles: This is the most patient, conscientious and durable of the Queens. It is clearly a “comfortable at home” card.

9 of Rods (Wands): A card of “vigilant defense.” It implies “holding the line” against impatience.

Ace of Rods (Wands): To me, this card indicates “taking a chance” with no safety net below. I think it’s cautioning me not to be too blase about the risk of a “tumble” if I decide to gamble by stepping out of the house.

Seven of Swords: This card suggests “getting away with something;” I should be able to get out and back with impunity if I move cautiously.

10 of Cups: Another “What, me worry?” card. Things still look agreeable from a health maintenance standpoint. But the RWS version of this card is even more instructive: I call it the “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” card because it shows Desmond and Molly Jones at their “home-sweet-home, with a couple of kids running in the yard.” If that doesn’t show “shelter-in-place, I don’t know what does.

6 of Pentacles reversed: This makes me think the end of the month will be a leaner period in terms of physical means. (I already know I’m not getting a tax refund, so it can’t mean that.) At this point our provisions will be running low so we will have to go forage at the supermarket; this card could mean that we won’t find much and may have to fall back on stored rice and beans (like we did back when we were vegan, so no real hardship).

Overall, the month doesn’t look too stressful; it’s main theme, as Monty Python said about Australian table wines, seems to be “lying down and avoiding.”


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