To Monetize or Not

When I started writing this blog, and in fact when I decided to start calling myself a “professional diviner” again, my conscious intent was to not attempt making a lot of money at it. After all, I retired from business ten years ago and the last thing I want is another full-time job. I’m mostly satisfied with the amount of interaction I get on the forums and Facebook, as well as with the opportunity to impart some of what I’ve learned over nearly five decades of pursuing this stuff, and doing an occasional paid reading or two lets me buy a new deck now and then. But – unless I write that long-overdue book – I’m not expecting windfall profits from any of it (and not even then, if Caitlin Matthews’ comments about the meager royalty checks from her numerous books are any indication).

Early on, I was approached by opportunistic advertisers who tried to appeal to my vanity in getting me to let them “monetize” my site with ads, the gist of which was “We notice that your blog has high-quality content, let us help you earn something from it.” I’ve observed as I browse other blogs that many have “banner” ads gracing their home pages, which I generally ignore but I guess any visit to the site generates fractional income. I did a little research and found that the amount earned from each “click” is almost vanishingly small, in the tiny fraction-of-a-cent range.  At fewer than 100 views on most days, I doubt it would even cover the cost of maintaining my WordPress subscription, never mind line my pockets with gold. Anyway, I want to present a more dignified “front-end” for my blog, and splashy ads just don’t square with that.

What I’ve found is that modest self-promotion, both here and on the various forums I frequent as well as in the professional periodicals that have published my writing, is sufficient to get the word out at a comfortable (and more importantly, sustainable) level of return. I’ve also started using Instagram to present my more visual content, but it’s kind of like “spitting into the ocean,” if you’ll pardon the expression (how’s that for “dignity?”) I’ve accepted that, at least for me, the internet is not the “goose that laid the golden egg,” as some would have me believe. I would much rather get a face-to-face reading practice going where I live (once this virus scare abates), since I’ve always valued the immediate feedback I receive from a sitter across the table, in addition to the gratification of having a meaningful dialogue about the cards.

So I haven’t changed my mind. There will be no blatant monitizing here, only the free sharing of ideas.

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