A “Diurnal Footprint” Example Reading

UPDATE: Turns out I was barking up the wrong site. Later that day I joined the Tarot Study Group (Facebook page) and found what I was looking for. They are an agreeable bunch (Lovers), they keep me hopping (Magician) and I feel like something of an “elder statesman” there (Hierophant).

Original Post: I decided to use my new Inverse Tarot deck to test this daily-reading spread on my prospects for Monday, March 16th. I drew these cards on Sunday night for the next day and didn’t use reversals in the reading. There was no specific question beyond “What will the day bring me?”

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

On Monday I decided to expand my horizons in the tarot world by seeking new groups of “friends” in the Facebook and forum communities. This is reflected in the progression from the 3 of Cups in the morning to the 6 of Cups at midday.

By late afternoon I found what I thought looked like a congenial bunch of people on FB, represented by the Lovers, another expression of the harmonious “Six.”

Later in the evening I made initial forays into posting on the site, believing that I was being astute enough to avoid running afoul of the posting rules. (The Magician thinks he’s clever.)

However, I was pounced on overnight by an unnamed administrator, who deleted my posts. The Hierophant clearly describes this rather overzealous individual, who obviously stands strictly on procedure (never mind that I’m not in competition with anyone). Since I respect the “your castle, your rules” dictum, I will stay on the site for the time being and see whether there is a repeat of this unfortunate reaction; I have as thick a hide as any devout gatekeeper.

In summary, this spread looks like a useful alternative to the one-card daily draw, as I intended, since it presents a more realistic “movement over time” scenario.

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