“A Quarter for Your Thoughts” Quarterly Outlook Spread

Technically, the phrase is “A penny for your thoughts,” but inflation eventually overtakes all things. I like to say that I prefer to perform inductive rather than deductive readings, working up from the details in the individual cards to create a “big picture” – or “gestalt” – overview of the matter in question. This approach is especially relevant  when trying to make sense of a long-range forecast by parsing a single monolithic spread into discrete segments of time over the course of the period. Even then, it doesn’t always work very well. It’s one thing to say “a Celtic Cross prediction is good for three to six months” but quite another to determine “what might happen when” during that span. Here is a quarterly look-ahead spread that builds upon weekly increments through use of the “quintessence” technique to assess the overall “tone” or quality of experience that may prevail during the months of the quarter, and throughout the quarter as a whole. Reversals may be used with this spread.

The twelve weekly cards are drawn from the deck and may be read as you would any single-card pull, with an eye toward plans you may have or events you may anticipate for the week(s) in question. The quint cards are always trump cards, and are more broadly influential in most cases than discretely event-oriented; think of them as background lurkers that may stick their noses into the foreground at any moment to shake things up. If you are unfamiliar with the quintessence calculation, here is a link to my earlier post on the subject:


Quarter for Your Thoughts Spread.JPG

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