The “Diurnal Footprint” Daily Draw Spread

Although I’ve reconciled myself to using the one-card daily draw to show the overall “tone” of the upcoming day rather than a single type of activity that will prevail during the entire time, I’ve been looking for a better model that will capture shifts in the “energy pattern” that may take place during the day. This spread can be used as either a four-card, clockwise-moving layout showing the major turning points in a 24-hour period, or as a five-card array with the fifth card intentionally chosen or randomly drawn to indicate the subject matter that is expected to form the overriding theme of the day. I’ve set it up to be used by people who perform most of their activities during the daylight hours and rest at night; you may, if you wish, tinker with the position meanings to suit your own situation.

In this spread, minor cards are intended to reveal the routine affairs of the day and the specific kinds of mundane energy that will be available to or, with less agreeable cards, withheld from the querent during each diurnal and nocturnal period. Court cards can mean either people the querent may become involved with during the day or personal behaviors and attitudes that may be required of or otherwise demonstrated by the individual. Major cards can occasionally represent the occurrence of significant events, but I believe they will more commonly show “big-picture” or background aspects of the experiential outlook. Reversal may be used to suggest delays or setbacks in the evolution of circumstances.

Diurnal Footprint Spread.JPG

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