What Happened to April? – A Physical Status and Location Snapshot

Since there has been nothing new in the media on the whereabouts of April Bailey, who disappeared in mid-January, I decided to pursue two additional readings to further explore her fate. The first is intended to ascertain in blunt terms whether she is still alive, and uses the Albano-Waite RWS deck without reversals, and the second attempts to determine her general location, using the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition with reversals. I should mention that I know nothing of April beyond what little was revealed in the original news article and by a friend of hers who has commented on my posts. I’m just “reading the cards” and making very few unsupported assumptions (although the missing-person context makes it necessary to use a little imagination with some of the traditional card meanings). It’s possible that more precise results could be obtained by having someone close to her pull the cards, but that is seldom reasonable in these remote-reading situations.

The physical well-being spread uses one minor card and one trump card to assess her current condition, supported by a table that purports to show what each means in the way of continued survival. Here are the table and the two-card spread:



In my previous “World of Hurt” missing-person reading, I surmised that April was most likely still alive at the time of the reading, and the cards here do nothing to change that outlook. The 8 of Pentacles is binned in the “At Some Risk” column of the table, and the image suggests that she may be euphemistically “working” for her captor (some form of enslavement is possible). The Fool shows that her fate could go either way, and the card symbolizes a capricious and irresponsible young man. It wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge into harming her.

In the “Astro-Tarot Location” spread, the Significator (Queen of Cups) turned up on the second pass in the Northeastern quadrant of the chart, indicating that she could presently be situated in that direction and not far away from from her last known location; she could be concealed “inside” someplace or something. The card is in Taurus, the first “Earth” sign of the “natural” Aries-rising zodiac, showing that she may be in sheltered (but not necessarily “comfortable”) circumstances, perhaps in a cellar. The Queen is reversed and below the horizon, further implying that she is below ground level; the single card immediately beneath the Queen is the 9 of Pentacles reversed, signifying that she is being forcibly constrained (think “face down in the dirt”) and may not have the energy to resist. I find it notable that both the 8 of Pentacles and the 9 of Pentacles relate to the astrological Earth sign of Virgo, the sign of servitude (in relationship terms I sometimes think of it as the “human doormat”), and the reversal would act to make it involuntary.



The deal continued until both the Sun and the Moon showed up. Both of the “lights” are above the horizon, conveying the likelihood of visibility and implying that she might be found by searching, but both are reversed, showing that it won’t be easy. The Moon reversed suggests nefarious dealings, possibly related to drugs or alcohol. The Sun reversed gives the impression that she is “where the sun don’t shine.” The section of the “natural” zodiac holding the Sun and Moon in this reading is related to Winter in the Northern Hemisphere (Sagittarius through Aquarius) and, as I noted in my earlier post, this fact may be complicating the search.


2 thoughts on “What Happened to April? – A Physical Status and Location Snapshot

  1. Thank you again.
    I attached a recent article. Maybe it will help. We appreciate this so much. Can i ask a question? Have you had anything come up that would make you think she committed suicide? I ask bc the medium jeffery wands said she went off on her own bc of her mental health. I do not believe for a second she would have hurt herself. But he knew my mom dad and grandma were dead. He said they were together. Idk how the how the whole medium thing works. But i don’t think he was right about april.

    Check out this link: http://www.unionleader.com/tncms/asset/editorial/a12d9a56-a8d7-5ef2-84a9-5be60fbe0cba

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