What Happened to April? – A Missing-Person Reading

A Nashua, NH woman, 36-year-old April Bailey, has been missing since January 15, 2020.


I ran my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread on this case to see what it might tell me about her status, using the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition without reversals. For a mature woman I normally choose the Queens as general Significator, and in this draw the first one to come up was the Queen of Cups in the second position of the spread, with no cards beneath it. The title of this position is “Taken,” with a description of  “Coaxed, coerced or captured (Lured away, kidnapped or jailed).” The implication is that she went against her will. The suit of Cups corresponds to the element of Water, and in the magical system I use Water indicates West. It could also mean she is “near water” or “across the water.” The nearest major body of water due west of Nashua appears to be the Connecticut River, so she may have been taken to Vermont.



The 10 of Pentacles came up in the “Will she be found alive position?” This is one of the “Yes-leaning” cards that implies physical well-being. However, I’ve learned not to be too confident in this outlook, since it may only reflect the situation at the time of the reading, not that of the eventual discovery. I’m thinking of changing that position to mean “Is the subject still alive right now?” and then go with the nature of the card in the “When will the subject be found position?” to show his or her situation at that time. I would change the description of that position to “When, and it what condition, will the subject be found?”

Applying those revised rules to this reading, I would say that April is alive at this time, and that something more of her whereabouts will be known within five weeks from the date of this reading. However, the dire scenario in the 5 of Swords indicates that she may suffer a catastrophic event between now and then that changes the picture. I get the impression of a failed escape attempt that incites a violent reaction. However, I recently came upon a different perspective on this card: it shows a victor – the man with the swords –  and a vanquished – the man walking away with his head bowed; but it also depicts a third man departing the scene who seems to be disengaged from the action and was just sauntering by. Could this mean that April will be released and find her own way back?

If she doesn’t turn up in the next week or so, I will perform my “location” and “present condition” spreads to obtain more information. (See my series of readings for George Cross to know what to expect from that.)

One thought on “What Happened to April? – A Missing-Person Reading

  1. Thank you thank you for doing this reading for april. She is my friend. I have been to look for her near the house she was last known to be at. That house is near water. She said she lived there with 2 or 3 other roommates but never met them. She was only at this house for a week or 2. The roommates where male. The “landlord” or the guy who let her stay in the basement was hitting on her. She was uncomfortable with him and he was super generous even though she had no money was an addict and had a boyfriend. He insisted she stay there.

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