Where Is George? – A Horary Update

I have been asked by the group that continues to search for George Cross (a Berlin, NH man who has been missing since last September) whether I have any new insights into his whereabouts. Although my last attempt with the tarot showed a different direction and location than previous readings, I decided to refresh the horary astrology perspective for this case by casting a new horoscope. This chart solidified my original impressions that George is somewhere to the East of his last known sighting and is concealed from view, whether buried or imprisoned. Since the preponderance of divinatory evidence continues to point eastward, I’m inclined to trust my instincts here.

george #2 horary.jpg

If we take the Aquarius Ascendant as representing George, the subject of the reading, the traditional ruling planet, Saturn, is located in Capricorn, the other sign of its rulership, in the 12th House, the pre-eminent abode of secrets or “hidden things” as well as remedial “institutions” like hospitals and prisons. As the Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn is strongly connected to all matters associated with that element, suggesting that George may be “on or under” the surface of the ground; another take on the meaning of Capricorn is that it is the most elevated sign in the “natural” (Aries-rising) zodiac so it can literally describe a “high place” as mentioned in one of my previous tarot readings. The Sun is also in Capricorn in the 12th and very closely conjunct Saturn, bringing to mind the old proverb hinting that George’s “light is hidden under a bushel.”

Missing things (including people) are typically represented by the 2nd House or the 4th House of the chart (and sometimes by the Moon). The former is usually applied to small portable objects like personal possessions, while the latter reflects more substantial things so I’m applying it here. In natal astrology, the 4th house from the Ascendant is considered to be one’s “foundation” or “where one lives;” in horary, “home” is where you are at the moment and George has obviously “relocated himself” from his customary “home base,” maybe not that far away. (However, the 12th being a “cadent” house, George could actually be farther away than we might think) .Gemini, the sign of short journeys, is on the cusp of the 4th and its ruling planet, Mercury, is obscured in Capricorn in the 12th House and closely conjunct Saturn, Sun and Pluto.

The planet Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and is sometimes associated with manipulation and the abuse of power; Saturn and the Sun almost on top of it could be describing a “bondage” scenario. There is in fact a “stellium” of five planets in Capricorn, with Jupiter (although not conjunct the others) tying in from the 11th House. This condition adds considerable weight to the influence of Capricorn and the 12th House in this projection. Also, all of those planets except Jupiter are “combust the Sun,” meaning they are within 8 degrees of the Sun’s position on either side; in their traditional astrology book, On the Heavenly Spheres, Avelar and Ribeiro state: “In specific situations, such as horary astrology, combustion may indicate weakness, disease, anxiety, fear, imprisonment or even death (depending obviously on the question and the context).” This seems like a case where those ideas must be taken into account.

Using traditional sign rulerships, Saturn is considered the “sole dispositor” in this chart, indicating that it holds sway over all the other planets. Saturn rules all cold, dark and heavy things, and it imprints its gloomy signature on almost every aspect of the situation through planetary disposition. Although the Sun is “boxed in” by its 12th House position, both it and the Moon are slightly above the horizon, suggesting that George is not totally invisible if only one knows where to look. The Part of Fortune is also above the horizon and in the 8th House (of “death” and other “deep” matters) and in Libra, the sign often equated with sociability. This could mean that George’s fortunes will be dependent upon the investigative efforts of his close friends. However, the Part of Fortune is also squared by Jupiter in Capricorn in the 11th House of more impersonal acquaintances and social contacts, which implies that George may have been “crossed” by someone he didn’t know very well but unfortunately trusted (as indicated in a previous tarot reading).

The one true outlier in this chart is Mars, which is “culminating” (peaking) in the sky, granting it increased emphasis; however, using modern “orbs of angular separation,” it makes no close Ptolemaic aspects (conjunction, opposition, trine, square or sextile) in which it is “applying” – approaching the zodiacal degree of any of the other planets it is moving faster than – and it has no “essential dignity” by sign, a condition known as peregrine or “wandering.” It is in Sagittarius, the sign of long-distance travel. The most significant thing here is that the fast-moving Moon – another potential indicator for something (or someone) that has gone missing – is applying to aspects with the Part of Fortune and Mars, suggesting that this may be a thread worth pulling.

In an earlier tarot reading, I made the random observation that George may have, perhaps unintentionally while intoxicated, set off across the country from the railroad depot in Berlin. Although I still think it unlikely, the possibility that George has left the nearby area receives a boost from the sensitive condition of Mars. With the troubling link to casual acquaintances via the square from Jupiter to the Part of Fortune, he may have been transported elsewhere by one of them under the guise of friendship. Sticking with the easterly assumption, George could be anywhere from Berlin to the coast of Maine; the only truly “high ground” in that direction appears to be in the vicinity of the Sunday River Ski Resort; after that the Androscoggin River Valley opens up and the landscape flattens.

One thought on “Where Is George? – A Horary Update

  1. Police identify body of Berlin man missing since last year
    By Paul Feely New Hampshire Union Leader May 26, 2020 Updated May 26, 2020

    BERLIN — State police say a body found in the woods Thursday in Berlin has been identified as a Berlin man missing since last fall.

    State police said George Cross, 65, of 424 Goebel Street Apt. 1 was reported missing on Sept. 7, 2019. A search of the area near his Goebel Street apartment by local and state police, with help from New Hampshire Fish and Game, proved unsuccessful. Multiple tips sent to police over the winter were investigated, but failed to help authorities locate Cross.

    Last Thursday police received information that human remains had been found in a wooded area behind Kent Street. On May 22 an autopsy was performed, and the body was positively identified as Cross.

    The state medical examiner determined his death was not suspicious, but the cause and manner of death remain undetermined at this time.


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