The Cartomancer Redux

I see that The Cartomancer, the magnificent (and singular) high-quality tarot journal has changed hands again. Arwen Lynch acknowledged that she was having difficulty keeping up with production demands and schedules, so she sold the quarterly glossy magazine to 7 Stones Publishing with Lori Barbieri Ross at the helm. The following message was posted on Facebook on December 31 of last year:

“We are pleased to announce the new home of The Cartomancer Magazine is 7 Stones Publishing. As bridge from the old to the new we know that the Tarot/Oracle Community is the heart of this publication. We have big plans for 2020 and are seeking great stories of the art and the artists of cartomancy from all over the world. We hope to add writers, authors, creators, feature new decks, books, and more. If you think you’d like to be a part of this journey please email us at:”

Having had the honor and privilege of being published several times in The Cartomancer, I hope to continue our relationship since my last couple of submissions seem to have gone AWOL in the turmoil. The magazine has always been the home of writing and artwork that is a cut above the innocuous fluff that can pervade popular tarot culture since it is aimed largely at the beginner and the dilettante. The Cartomancer, on the other hand, has always been more serious in tone and substance, something I strive for in most of my own work (when I’m not trying to be humorous). My only hurdle to greater involvement has been the fact that most of my creative effort has gone into this blog and its short-form essays, while The Cartomancer has always required longer articles that haven’t been published anywhere else (including here) in the same format for at least 12 months.

I’m hoping that the new publisher continues to maintain the same high standards that Arwen and Jadzia DeForest before her sought to uphold and doesn’t go “digital-only” or buckle under commercial pressure to “dumb down” the content for a wider and perhaps less discriminating audience. That would be sad indeed. Obviously they need to turn a profit, but increased marketing muscle will ideally make the difference; it would be nice to see The Cartomancer become the kind of institution that The Mountain Astrologer has achieved in the realm of astrology.


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