The “Moving Finger” Situational Development Spread

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line”
(Omar Khayyam, from The Rubaiyat)

Here is a spread built around the rather whimsical notion I had yesterday that upright cards in a reading can be considered “solar” (plainspoken and reliable) while reversed cards are more “lunar” (ambiguous or indirect) in their expression. It assumes that the developmental path in any situation can be entirely optimistic, uncertain in import, wholly pessimistic,  or of uneven (“up-and-down”) augury. The successive orientation of the cards in the layout – when it doesn’t forecast a “steady-state” scenario – will drive the prediction in one direction or the other, either toward an upbeat outlook or toward a more sobering one. For the purpose of this model, reversal is treated as a debilitating (or at least destabilizing) influence and upright orientation as having a neutral or uplifting emphasis. As always, the symbolic harmony or dissonance of a card’s intrinsic nature will sway the course of the narrative accordingly, although to a lesser extent than its orientation or dignity.

For those who don’t like reversals, I’ve allowed for the use of Elemental Dignity in sequential pairs; however, the first card revealed (Card #1, #6 or #11) must still exhibit one orientation or the other, so you should apply whatever method you prefer for extracting “reversed” meaning from normally upright cards. The context of the question or subject should be helpful in determining how to fine-tune the selection of the next card in the sequence.

Moving Finger Situational Spread.JPG

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